Leanbean Fat Burner Review

The gym in 2017 is very different place than it ever used to be. One of the biggest changes is that there’s so many more women hitting the weights room than ever before.

Just like guys, girls now know that to get the body they crave they need to change up their training, eat healthy and create muscle where there used to be fat.

It’s probably not surprising then that with all these girls getting serious about fitness there’s now more and more female supplements coming onto the market.

What is Leanbean?

One product in this female only category is an all-natural fat burner called Leanbean. It’s one of a handful of cutting supplements that was initially created for professional athletes but in reality can be used by anybody.

Leanbean is made by a specialist sports supplement company called Ultimate Life. The supplement is produced in ‘FDA registered’ facilities in the USA, the company also have a manufacturing arm in the UK, this is where international orders are distributed from.  

Whilst there’s tons of weight loss supplements out there this one definitely got our attention!

We do have to come clean and say that the first thing we noticed was the cute name and even cuter packaging, and whilst you might not consider this too important it’s safe to say that Leanbean definitely won’t look out of place on your dressing table.

Fortunately, Leanbean appears to be backed up by proven natural ingredients as well as a string of positive reviews from users of the product.

How does it work?

In the past we have found a lot of products on the market quite simply just don’t deliver on their claims and include ineffective ingredients, even worse certain fat burning supplements can contain unsafe substances.

The main draw with Leanbean is that it includes a completely natural formula with ingredients known for fat loss but also wellness too.

Like a lot of products in this category this supplement is designed to help switch on your metabolism but also curb your appetite too, making it easier for you to transition into a new eating plan.

There’s also some substances in Leanbean known as ‘Estro blockers’. These are natural ingredients that support healthy levels of Estrogen and in turn reduce the body’s tendency to store fat.

Leanbean has got some Caffeine in it too so if your sensitive to stimulants  you’ll want to avoid taking it right before you get tucked into bed.

Leanbean’s Ingredients

Like we already mentioned this supplement only uses natural ingredients. 

Some of our favourites include Turmeric as well as Green Tea Extract both of which can help to prevent high levels of Estrogen and the laying down of fat in women.

Leanbean has also got good doses of the appetite suppressing fibre Glucomannan, includes fat burning spice Cayenne Pepper for a metabolism kick and Garcinia to help block fat producing enzymes. There’s also Vitamin B6/B12 to support improved sleep and recovery after your workout.

Anything else to know?

As we’re sure you’ll already know there’s simply no ‘magic pill’ that can do all the hard work for you. To get the best transformation you won’t go far wrong by committing to a clean diet and regular exercise. Having said that, if you are in the process of dialling in your workout game and are looking for a performance boost, you’ll find supplementing your diet with natural fat burning ingredients like this is good way to speed things up.

As you’d expect with any effective supplement Leanbean has some good reviews from people who have used the product, you can find testimonials on the official website as well as social media.

Leanbean benefits

– Natural stimulants, dosed for women.

– Stops cravings.

– Better energy/confidence – Helps you to train more intensely but doesn’t contain harmful ingredients.

– Increases the body’s metabolism- this helps with fat burning.

Leanbean negatives·

– Only available online

– Premium price tag  

– Money-back guarantee only when you buy a three-month supply.


Weighing it up Leanbean is certainly up there with the most effective supplements in this class.

It contains some of the most proven and widely used fat burning substances as well as a few unique ingredients too.

There are a few downsides however including the fact you can only get it from the official website meaning that supply can sometimes be limited, it’s also one of the more expensive options.

If you’re are thinking of trying it out then Leanbean is backed up by its 90 day money-back guarantee, available when you buy a three-month supply.

To buy Leanbean visit – www.leanbeanofficial.com



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