The Waldorf Hilton Opens the Doors of the Best New Tea Room in Town

A new tea room has been opened in London’s Covent Garden, offering even more choice when it comes to sweet treats and (most importantly) tea

The Waldorf Hilton Hotel is opening its doors to the most elegant tea room in London. The team at YCB was invited over to sip on bubbly and indulge in sweet treats leaving us merry and bright. The verdict? This is the best tea room in town, hands down, promise promise.

Like, seriously, what better way to celebrate the festive season than with a view of the bustling Strand, surrounded by renown theaters and prestigious universities, and of course with a warm cuppa tea.

As one of most iconic hotels in the city, Waldorf Hilton represents Britishness at its best. With an Edwardian greatness and a luxurious atmosphere, the hotel has been welcoming guests for more than a century. Surviving two world wars, hosting legendary movie stars and being the first ever hotel using a telephone in every room, the Waldorf is truly astonishing.

According to history, after the Great Fire, Queen Victoria wanted a prettier route to travel on her way back to Buckingham Palace, so Aldwych became one striking area. Nearly 110 years later it is still one of the most attractive places in London. Located at the heart of the city, with only a short walk to many of the renown theaters, museums and restaurants, the location is truly perfect.

The renowned hotel is now broadening its assortment of teas and cakes, by introducing the brand new Waldorf Tea Room. Created as an extension of the hotel’s popular Homage restaurant – where tea is served daily- the tea room offers visitors a wider range of teas and treats.

Offering organic and handpicked teas from Hope and Glory, carefully put together for the British palette go perfectly together with the nibbles. The signature Masala Chai elevates the flavours of the tasty finger sandwiches, while the Red Velvet brings out the fruitiness of the cupcakes. As an insider tip, don’t forget to ask for the Waldorf Blend! The deep and hearty tea, is specially composed for the hotel and can only be found at the Waldorf.

The menu is a neat selection of the classic elements of the classic afternoon tea, such as the assortment of finger sandwiches and a variety of fluffy scones. As well as modern features of the contemporary kitchen, offering pretty colourful cupcakes and mesmerizing, chocolate cakes. Everything is carefully composed and constructed by the Waldorf’s talented pastry team, for guests to enjoy a single treat or the whole tasting menu.

The Tea Room is perfectly located at the front of the hotel, overlooking the spectacular streets of the Strand. Through the big glass windows, guests can follow the performance of city, trailing diligent businesspeople rushing to the next meeting and fashionable Londoners passing by in mink coats and the latest ‘it’ designer bag to make it to their theater shows. Watching the excitement, while enjoying a nice cup of tea is the best way of regaining some energy. With a wonderful group of staff, going above and beyond to create the very best experience for every individual guest. Our friends at the Hilton are always well informed about all the items of the menu, and are therefore very helpful if you’re feeling indecisive which threat to choose.

The Waldorf has managed to create a relaxing environment in the middle of the city, perfect for both local Londoners and visiting vacationers. The new Tea Room concept is ideal for those wanting a quick break from the city’s intense shopping streets. As well as grabbing a small yet delicious bite before enjoying an existing West End show.

No matter if you’re a visitor to the city or a steady local, what better way to bring some glamour to this season than going for a lovely afternoon tea at the Waldorf Hilton. Indulge in sweet treats and flavorful tea, and imagine all the storied that might’ve happened at the Waldorf.

Hedvig Andersson

Hedvig is an enthusiastic 22‑year‑old from the South of Sweden who loves a good challenge. Whether it's trying out snowboarding in the Japanese alps or acing the financial accounting finals, she never shies away from trying something new. Hedvig is based in London, studying Business Management at King's College.

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