5 Reasons it’s Easier to Meet a Guy in Spring Than in Winter

Have you ever started dating someone in January? I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard a love story that began in the thick of Winter, unless of course it was at a holiday party or on New Year’s Eve. Those are the exceptions. Typically, if a woman hasn’t stolen a guy’s heart by New Year’s Day, I think it’s safe to say she stays single until at least Easter, maybe longer. That’s just my opinion. Sad, but true (and realistic.)

Fast forward to April, when snow is gone, warmer temperatures are frequently in the forecast, the clocks are turned ahead, and warm rays of sunshine start to lift everyone’s spirits.

I have always believed that couples are more likely to meet and get into relationships in the Spring and Summer months. Here are the reasons behind my theory:

1. More skin: Heavy winter coats are coming off, UGGs are going into storage, and strappy sandals are making their debut. Warmer weather brings halter tops, skirts and pedicures, and for guys, short sleeve shirts to show off the biceps they work so hard for at the gym. Showing more skin brings an air of confidence in both men and women, and people gravitate to confidence!

2. No holidays: Christmas is long gone, Easter’s out of the way, and the pressures of family obligations and gift buying are over for now (with the exception of Mother’s Day). The only obligation you should have (besides uni, work and kids) is to make sure you are out and taking advantage of the nice weather you’ve waited so long for. And when you’re out, your chances of meeting someone go up!

3.  Vitamin D: “In the winter when there’s less sunlight, you’re getting less vitamin D,” says Adina Kaufman, a Chicago-based Licensed Clinical Social worker, “That affects your well being. Once people are through with the winter blahs, they are happier and possibly more open to the idea of a relationship.” Kaufman told me there’s no study to confirm a connection between vitamin D and meeting someone special, but says from what she’s seen, she believes there could be a link indirectly.

4. Outdoor patios: When the hostess asks, “Would you prefer to sit inside or out?” make sure you say “Outside, please!” Sitting on an outdoor patio or rooftop having Sangria with your girlfriends, a nice breeze blowing, and tons of cute, single guys walking around increases the chances of meeting Mr. Right. I guarantee, if it’s outdoor patio weather, he’s NOT sitting inside at the bar!

5. Exercise: In my opinion, the first warm day in Spring gets everyone kicking it into gear. Workouts become a priority when people know bathing suit season is approaching quickly. And what happens when people start exercising and eating healthy? They start looking AND FEELING better and more self-confident. And girls, men are attracted to self-confidence! If you look good and you know it, so will they!

As for meeting a man in the fall, I realize that the weather is still nice enough to show skin, there are really no holidays except for Halloween, the sun is still providing plenty of vitamin D, outdoor patios are remain open, and workouts continue. However, let us not forget the one detriment we face when it comes to meeting a man in the fall: Football season! And if you want a guy to be attracted to you, then you might want to consider using some love spells to find the man of your dreams!

Jackie Pilossoph

Jackie Pilossoph is the author of FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE and two other novels. She is also a freelance magazine writer and weekly newspaper columnist. Pilossoph holds a Masters degree in Communication from Boston University. She lives in Chicago and is working on her fourth novel.