The Art of Building a Tranquil Haven: Creating a Home Sanctuary

With the fast-paced lives we lead today, having a tranquil and peaceful home retreat can greatly improve our overall well-being. Creating a home sanctuary provides you with a space to unwind, recharge, and find solace. But before you can sit back and relax in your own little oasis, you might need to make a few changes. 

1. Bring in More Natural Light

Perhaps the most important step in turning your home into a tranquil haven is bringing in more natural light. There’s a reason going on holiday often leaves us feeling rested and recharged — and it’s not just the sun and the sand. It’s also the airy and calming hotel rooms that are ideal for relaxation and getting a good night’s sleep. You could consider building a skylight with the help of your roofing contractors so you can have sunlight in your rooms that would normally be dark during the day.

The reason hotel rooms feel so relaxing is often because of the lightness of the rooms, which comes from a flood of natural light. And you can achieve the same feeling in your own home by adding in more windows or replacing old ones that aren’t as big. Professionals like roofing contractors can help add a skylight to add more natural light.

Natural light helps our bodies feel more awake and energized, and it also helps regulate our circadian rhythm, which then helps us sleep better at night. So if you’re feeling sluggish and moody in your home, it might be time to add in some more windows. 

2. Declutter and Deep Clean Your Space

The saying “Organized space, organized mind” exists for a reason. When the space around us is messy and cluttered, our minds can feel the same, making it difficult for us to feel calm and relaxed. 

So a simple way to instantly lift your spirits and help you feel more at ease is to give your home a deep clean and a good decluttering session. The key is to set aside a chunk of time so you can get it all done at once. 

A slow tidy and deep clean usually results in a half-finished project. So take some time off if you need to, put on your favorite tunes, adorn those silly yellow rubber gloves, and get to cleaning. 

3. Create a Peaceful Soundscape

Have you ever walked into a theme park and instantly felt uplifted? Or, walked into a bar and instantly felt ready to mingle? It’s likely in part due to the music that was playing. 

Music can have a significant effect on our minds and bodies. So a fun way to create a more tranquil space in your home is to create a soundscape room

The key to this project is to pick a space that can easily be separated and soundproofed from the rest of the home and the outside. So a room with a door that can be shut and no windows is best. You can also use plenty of cozy fabrics in the room to help absorb sound and hang fabric on the walls if you don’t have the funds for professional soundproofing. 

From there, you can decorate the room however you’d like. Whatever makes you feel more relaxed. And, of course, you’ll want to have a high-quality speaker to play a mix of ambient and intentional sounds, depending on your preferences. 

4. Create a “Happy” Room or Home Gym

If you want to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle, why not build a home gym or create a “happy” space in your home? A home gym might not necessarily appear peaceful, but it can certainly help you feel more relaxed and at ease if you have a way to exercise more often. 

You also don’t have to fill your home gym with a ton of equipment. Instead, you can opt for something more simple and calming, like a home yoga studio/meditation space. You can also make it more cozier by adding air conditioning units through a heating and cooling service.

If a gym isn’t your style, you can create a “happy” room instead, which is essentially just what it sounds like — a room where you can relax and feel happy. It can also be a room that inspires creativity and helps you refocus your mind. Whatever makes you feel joy and helps you disconnect from the outside world, you can put it in your happy room. 

5. Bring In More Plant Life

Whether you live in an urban area or a more suburban neighborhood, bringing more nature into your home can help you create a more relaxing environment. It is human nature to want to be more connected to the natural world, especially with the more digital and disconnected lives we lead today. 

In fact, spending more time outside has been shown to help people feel better because nature helps us de-stress and relax, which improves our mental health. Of course, we can’t always be outside, so why not bring the outside in?

If you want to truly turn your home into a tranquil oasis, fill it with plants. You can even trick your mind into thinking it’s outside by hanging more art that displays plant life and outdoor landscapes and using more botanical prints in your furniture and linens. 

6. Build an Outdoor Oasis

Of course, creating a more tranquil home doesn’t mean you are limited to your indoor spaces. If you have a yard, you can transform it into the ultimate peaceful oasis. You can bring in trees for more shade to relax under, more plants and flowers to create a beautiful garden, and even a pond or some other water feature for the calming sound.

However, if you do undertake a bigger outdoor project, just be sure you are considerate of your neighbors during the renovation. Be sure to bring the topic up, let them know about your plans well in advance, and update them on the status of the project. You should also ensure that you are keeping noise to a minimum and request that the work is not done in the early morning or late evening, to prevent disturbances. This will ensure your renovations can be completed while maintaining good relationships with those in your community. 

In Summary

Hopefully, the tips above will spur your inspiration to create a happier, more peaceful home sanctuary. But these are just some of the many ideas you can use. There is no one right way to create your own home oasis, as it can depend on your individual preferences. So take the time to think about what makes you feel calm, happy, and at ease, and then put those thoughts into action to create your very own home retreat. 

Indiana Lee

Indiana Lee lives in the Northwest and has a passion for the environment and wellness. She draws her inspiration from nature and makes sure to explore the outdoors on a regular basis. Indiana loves experiencing new things and sharing with others what she learns through her writing. You can chat with Indiana on twitter @IndianaLee3