Interior Design Trends Set to Take-Off in 2020

Are you thinking about giving your interiors a fresh new look for the new decade? If you’re planning any renovations, or perhaps just a few small updates to your home, then you might want to consider the trends that are set to take-off in the world of interior design this year. Here at YCB magazine, we’re a team of design enthusiasts, spending our lunch breaks fawning over beautiful homes on Pinterest and planning our next furniture purchase, whether that be a unique statement chair or a bespoke reclaimed wood coffee table (just to give you an insight into our current homeware pins!). We jumped at the chance to catch up with the team at Houzz, the leading platform for home renovation and design, to discuss the major interior trends to look-out for in 2020.

With a community of millions of homeowners and design professionals around the world, Houzz has unique insights into how people are renovating their homes, providing plenty of interesting data to enable the team to forecast trends for the year ahead. They’ve looked into everything from design photos to materials and colours to give us a sneak peek into all of the home design ideas we can expect to see a lot more of this year.

And we’re here to share them with you, our lovely YCB readers… 

Colourful Kitchens 

A monochrome colour scheme and grey themes dominated much of the past decade (Mrs Hinch, we’re looking at you). 2020 however will see homeowners starting to step away from this safe-player and begin to experiment more with colour. Hoorah! The team at Houzz have seen a big increase in the number of colourful kitchen photos that have been uploaded to the platform, showcasing a range of cheerful shades from blue, to green, and even light purple. Searches have also increased for bolder, more daring colours including a spike in interest for yellow kitchens, whilst we’re not quite on-board with the idea of yellow units, we applaud the bravery! We’ll stick with the navy and forest green hues for now. 


Sustainability has been a huge talking point over the past few years, with the climate crisis encouraging individuals to take steps in becoming eco-friendlier. This doesn’t just stop at a plant-based diet or reduction in fast-fashion purchases, the issue is also becoming a popular discussion among interiors. This is reflected in an increase in ‘eco’ related search enquiries on the Houzz platform, with many users looking to seek out sustainable materials and integrate nature within the home. There’s plenty you can do to get involved, from experimenting with eco-materials to upcycling and recycling.

Black Interiors 

Black is the…new black? Dark colours are becoming very popular among the Houzz community, with searches for ‘dark’ and ‘black’ interiors sneaking their way onto the popular list of 2019 for the first time ever! Black kitchens were a particularly popular search term, with a staggering increase of 46% year on year.

If you’re not quite ready to dive straight into the world of black interiors, why not experiment with a few black accessories or incorporate materials such as black slate into your home? 


With interests in sustainability rising within the world of interiors, it’s no big surprise really that natural materials such as bamboo are creeping up in popularity. This sturdy and renewable material can be used as flooring, for furniture, and even woven into fabric! Whilst bamboo has been around for a while, there’s a definite resurgence happening, why not experiment with a few bamboo accessories? This natural material is great for adding warmth to any living space. 

Green Schemes 

Hailed as the ‘must’ colour in design for 2020, green is definitely having a moment! Searches for ‘green kitchens’ increased by 50% since 2018, along with search terms including ‘green bedrooms’ and ‘green bathrooms’ we can see how sustainability is having such a great impact with the colours and materials that are now booming in popularity. In fact, leading paint brand, Dulux, even crowned a shade of green as their ‘colour of the year’ for 2020. 

Statement-making Bathrooms 

Did you know, bathrooms were one of the most renovated rooms in the UK last year? So, it isn’t surprising to see consumers were looking for lots of bathroom inspiration in 2019! All-white bathrooms are a thing of the past, it’s time to up the ante and consider how you can give your bathroom the wow factor.

Creating a luxe space to unwind and retreat to is becoming more and more important for homeowners. Houzz expect to see an increase in more pastel-coloured sanitaryware, statement tiles, luxury finishes and bold colours. It’s time to create a hotel-style bathroom that you can enjoy and relax with a glass of wine and a few episodes of Netflix in. We’re totally onboard! 

Navy Bedrooms 

Darker, more atmospheric spaces are taking centre stage in the world of interiors, with consumers moving away from stark minimalism. The trend is set to explode in 2020, with inky blue living spaces becoming the ‘look du jour’.

If this is a trend you’re looking to experiment with, try painting a statement blue wall in your boudoir and decorate with a gold mirror for a luxury feel. 

For more interior design inspiration and trends, head to Houzz to get inspired… 

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