7 Fun & Cool Activities to Do in London with Friends

With summer just around the corner, it would be fair to say that more and more of your attention starts to turn to planning day trips and fun activities with your friends to pass the time, and when London just so happens to be the destination in the planning, the possibilities are virtually endless! Whether you are looking for indoor activities in London, creative courses, or perhaps something a little bit more adventurous or touristy, take a look through this list to see if some of these activities to do in London for adults take your fancy.

Ghost Bus Tour

If you are bored by the prospect of taking a generic daytime tour bus that takes you around the traditional tourist sites, then why not hop on a night time Ghost Bus tour instead!? Starting every day outside Charing Cross Station, the tour guides you through the most notorious and haunted spots in the historic city has to offer. It’s a lot of fun, but beware, the spookiness might get the better of you!

Craft Workshops

One of the most fun and stimulating experiences you can have with friends is to enjoy a great session in a craft workshop. Art classes or craft workshops can keep your creativity flowing even when you don’t think you have anything to offer, so not only will you come away with a cool item or two, but your confidence and mindset could be totally transformed for the better. Try to check out the craft courses and workshops nearby, all deemed to be some of the best you can experience in the London area.

London Zoo

Take a trip to Regents Park, the home of London’s historic zoo. A zoo is the perfect activity for a summer day trip. The animals will be in their best moods in the sunshine, and there’s something interesting in every single enclosure. Zoos these days are full of information about their breeding programs and conservation efforts, so it’s not only fun but educating in a entertaining way. Whether you decide to take a picnic lunch or dine at one of the onsite cafés, the magic of London Zoo is something that everybody should experience at least once.

Scale The O2 Arena

You might have been to see a concert at the O2 Arena in Greenwich, but have you ever climbed on top of the stadium? Originally the Millennium Dome, the building’s iconic shape remains as it did at the turn of the century, and one of the more unusual ways to grab a view of beautiful London from a height is to do a guided rope walk up and around the roof!

Borough Market

If you are seeking some quintessential London experiences, then you can’t go wrong with Borough Market. It is the city’s most renowned food market, and is only a short walk from London Bridge, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. You are killing more than two birds with a single stone by visiting Borough Market with your pals! It’s a great place for sampling the latest products from artisan producers as well as a spot of lunch – if you still have enough room after all the taste tests.

Visit a Quirky Museum

London is famous for its huge museums like the Natural History, Science and Victoria and Albert, but if those sound too stuffy and staid for a friends’ trip, there are some real gems among London’s smaller museums. You might consider the John Soane’s Museum, the Horniman Museum, the Grant Museum of Zoology or the Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & Natural History. Check listings as some of the smaller museums and galleries have restricted opening times.

Gorilla Circus Flying Trapeze School

If you think you want to get the adrenaline rushing, could you think of a more fun activity than learning to fly a trapeze? Only open in summer, as it is an outdoor facility, The Gorilla Circus Flying School sits in the North West corner of Regent’s Park. They promise that after a two-hour session you will flying high through the air ready to be caught by your catcher/instructor.

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