Funny, Weird or Even Quite Ridiculous Baby Names

When you are expecting a baby, you will spend a lot of time deciding on a name. You’ll say your favourites out loud, pairing them with middle names and surnames, potentially arguing with your partner about baby names, making lists of names and eventually coming to a decision or compromise.

It is such an important decision and one that will live with your child forever. An unusual name can make someone stand out, but a funny, weird or ridiculous name could cause a lifetime of embarrassment, although your offspring will always be remembered wherever they go.

We’ve made a list of our favourite ‘funny’ baby names, some used by famous celebrities, for you to peruse;

Mowgli: The name of the hero of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, who wolves raised. Pete Wentz and his wife gave their son, Bronx, the middle name Mowgli.

Cricket: Gender-neutral and American origin, which means ‘Loud Insect Of The Night’ or the more obvious British game. Busy Phillips named her daughter Cricket Pearl.

Fish and Chips: That’s the actual name of a pair of twins from New Zealand.

Banjo: Banjo is not an uncommon name in Australia and is very popular in Aboriginal communities.

Kal-El: Kal-El was the original name of Superman before he arrived on Earth. In Kryptonian, it means the ‘voice of God.’ Nicholas Cage named his son after Superman.

Chow Tow: The Malaysian Government banned this name as it translates to ‘smelly head’.

Satchel: In Latin, Satchel means “sack, small bag”. Spike Lee has a daughter named Satchel.

Apple: Your little one could be ‘the apple of your eye’ and is the name Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin opted for their daughter, sister to Moses.

Tu Morrow: The name chosen by actor Rob Morrow for his daughter, who claims to have come up with the name when drunk. Tu is French for ‘you’.

Destry: Steven Spielberg, who directed 2011’s War Horse, called his youngest daughter “Destry,” which also means “war horse.” It is of French-English origin and typically a boy’s name.

Diva: Diva is of Italian origin that meaning “Celebrated Singer”. It’s also used as an adjective for someone difficult to please.

Sunday: Quite literally means “born on Sunday”, which we think is the best day of the week. It has been used by Nicole Kidman and Ferne McCann for their daughters.

Audi: Do you have a favourite car? You could name your little one after the German car manufacturer!

Correspondent: This is the actual name of someone working for the BBC and a rather fitting name for a journalist.

Puma: Meaning “big cat” or relating to the sports brand if you prefer. Puma is the name Erykah Badu called her daughter. Her other child is named Seven.

Camera: The late tennis star Arthur Ashe (whose wife was a photographer) named his daughter this.

Hashtag: A few years ago, a mother caused internet rage when she announced she’d called her child Hashtag Jameson. It wasn’t the last social media-inspired name, though, as Israelis Lior and Vardit Adler called their daughter Like, after the approval button on Facebook.

Mustard: Dijon is the capital city in the Burgundy region of France​, which is famous for its wine and Mustard.

Xzayvian: It seems like the parents were trying to squeeze as many consonants as they could into one name.

Nutella: Parents in France loved Nutella so much that they used it as their daughter’s name. A judge ruled against the name claiming it would make her a “target of derision”, so the couple compromised with ‘Ella’.

Yoga: The meaning of Yoga is ‘An art of achieving happiness’.

Bridge: A woman in Norway was sent to jail for deciding to call her child Bridge. 

Scout: Scout is a girl’s name of Old French origin, meaning “to listen” and used by actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore for their daughter, sister to Tallulah and Rumer.

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