Meet Zizzz, the Brand Who Promise a Sustainable, 100% Natural Sleep Solution for the Whole Family

When former banker Roel van Gasselt had his first child, he quickly noticed something about the sleeping bags available on the market. In the midst of trying to get his little one off to sleep, he observed that they were all stuffed with polyester, a material used solely for its affordability with no consideration for the fact that it doesn’t support a good night’s sleep. He knew that there had to be a more effective solution, and so the cogs began to turn in his mind.

As a keen skier, Roel had worn wool in the past thanks to its ability to keep him warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s also perfect for keeping skiers dry on the slopes. While researching wool, Roel came across a wool product called Swisswool. He quickly realised that it was the perfect mix of materials to fill duvets and pillows. This was in this lightbulb moment in which the idea for Zizzz sleeping bags was conceived.

Since launching their innovative sleeping bags and duvets, Zizzz has now created a brand new collection which features bedding products for adults too. For example, the Bio Duck Down Duvet is warm and fluffy, ideal for the long cold months. It comes with a practical storage bag, which means you can easily switch it out for a lighter option when summer finally arrives. The carefully thought-out box design means that the down stays in place, so there’s no waking up in the night with an empty sheet. This organic cotton design is soft and luxurious, but durable enough to be popped in the washing machine on a delicate cycle.  

To keep your new-born snug as a bug, the Baby Sleeping Bag is a must-have. The adjustable neck size and snap-on fastening mean that it fits just right, and the Swisswool filling keeps baby at the right temperature all night long.

The 100% natural filling is hypoallergenic too, so you can rest assured that your little one is wearing the safest and cosiest sleeping bag on the market. Zizzz has eliminated the need for scratchy labels and have a hidden zip feature that allows you to do a quick nappy change with ease.

Creating a sense of security for your baby is something that every parent strives for. That’s why Zizzz has added a loveable itty bitty snuggle toy to their super-soft collection. This 100% cotton Rabbit Comforter is filled with Swisswool so you can be sure that your little one is cuddled up with nothing but natural fibres.

Whether you’re buying this for your own child or looking for a thoughtful gift for a friend, this is an item which they will love and cherish from day one. 

For growing babies, we also love the Lucky Star Pyjamas suitable for 6-12 months. Not only do these come in an adorable star print design, but they are also 100% organic cotton which is produced without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers.

Zizzz has also made these pyjamas available for older children too, with separates instead of a onesie style. There are even adult sizes too, so the whole family can wear a matching set. Perfect for an Instagram-worthy selfie! 

Nowadays purchasing everyday items comes with a sense of responsibility, but luckily Zizzz has put time and effort into making sure that you can buy from them with complete confidence. “Local manufacture, sustainability and environmental awareness are part of our company’s DNA, so our customers can sleep both well and with an easy conscience,” explains Roel.

Zizzz makes their products in Europe, using wool from Switzerland and down from Europe; moreover, they ensure that the DownPass label features on their down products, which certifies that the down comes from ducks that weren’t force-fed or raised for foie gras. This guarantees the well-being of all animals used in the process, meaning that you can feel positive about the impact your purchases have on the environment.

All bedding products are made from renewable materials and Zizzz also uses shipping services that invest in disabled workers. There really are a million good reasons to buy from Zizzz, but truly the products speak from themselves. 

The lovely peeps at Zizzz want to offer all YCB readers a 10% discount on their duvets, pillows, bed linens and baby sleeping bags! The code is zizzz_sleep_natural and will be valid for the website.

Fiona Reid

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