Gorgeous Ways to Show Your Midriff This Autumn

Gorgeous ways to show your midriff this Autumn 

Kenzas midriff inspo

Autumn is here which mean no more shorts and tank tops but instead, jeans and jumpers. But before the dark winter nights and chilly days are here, there’s one way in which to keep the summer alive in your outfit without sacrificing being cold. We’ve scoured through Pinterest to find our favourite ways to show your stomach this autumn!

Anglica Blick fashion inspo

Our first pick is this autumnal look on gorgeous Swedish blogger Angelica Blick. A white crop top paired with a white pencil skirt shows off your midriff meanwhile the jacket adds a pop of colour and keeps you warm yet fashionable. We’re loving this look! 

Vanessa Hudgens white crop top and pants combo

If anyone knows something about how to work a crop top, it is Vanessa Hudgens. This white outfit freshens up our look and like Vanessa, can be paired with nude heels and a gold or nude makeup. There isn’t too much midriff showing here, but just enough to stay warm and stylish.

How to sport the midriff trend this Autumn

Next on our list is this gorgeous combo. A midi patterned skirt in grey to keep the look fresh and up to date, paired with a long sleeved dark crop top. Black and gold heels have been twinned with this look to keep it edgy and sophisticated. We are absolutely loving this outfit here at YCB Magazine!

Ariana Grande black crop top and jeans

Ariana Grande is our new favourite girl crush and this crop-top jean combo is another reason for us to love her even more. This is the most simple and thrown together look possible in the autumnal season but it’s also one of the most gorgeous with just the right amount of stomach showing. Ariana has paired this with a black platform heel to take it from a day look to a night-time look with friends.

Although not for everyone, this grunge punk tartan outfit accessorised with a black leather jacket and boots looks fantastic. The midriff is on display but it isn’t the central feature in this look. The gold chains really top it off.

Moving on from day looks is this beautiful black sheer midriff dress. We couldn’t resist including this in our list because it can be toned up and down depending on the occasion. This sheer cut-out is the perfect way to show off your stomach without technically showing it off. The best thing about it is that it can be used for all year around, not just autumn.

How to wear crop tops at work

We’re loving two pieces and they’re the best way to keep a light evening outfit stylish into the colder months. Plus two pieces are the best way to show off a little skin whilst remaining elegant and sophisticated in the office. Pair a two piece outfit with some strappy heels and you’ll look gorgeous.

Alongside Ariana Grande, Naya Rivera is our new favourite girl crush who knows exactly how to rock a midriff. Much like our other picks, it seems that the sophisticated pencil skirt and simplistic top are the perfect combos to look elegant with some strappy heels. We’re loving this look!

how to wear crop top and shorts

Another simplistic look that’s easy to create and pull off is this crop top and shorts-with-tights combination. Thrown together with your own accessories and choice of boots, heeled, studded, flat etc. this look is the perfect way of showing off your stomach during the autumn months.

Jessica Alba in skirt and knitted jumper

Last on our list is this beautiful, but again, elegant and simplistic look from Jessica Alba. We’re absolutely in love with this look. A dark jumper paired with a light pink chiffon skirt and heels. So chic! This seems to be a trend that’s not going away anytime soon but we’re totally enjoying it!

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