The Best Grooming Products For Your Beau

Is it just us that never know what to buy their partners? You see each other every day, you know each other inside out (even the annoying habits) but when their birthday rolls around every year it’s a sudden panic. See, from our experience the men in our life don’t get quite so excited about clothes as we do. Oh another shirt great thanks… what do you get the guys who have everything? Including an amazing girlfriend, ahem…

Well, stop the worrying and end the search party because we’re bringing you the hottest, sleekest new brand in town that your beau is going to LOVE. Introducing Moude we recently stumbled across (and loved!) and their stunning range of premium grooming products.

Beards and candles, what more could you want?

This luxurious range of products will please the male in your life no end. Not only do they look great with the minimalist, stylish packaging, but the formulas are nourishing and created with high quality ingredients.

Beard Oil £48

Take care of that beard with a few drops of this luxurious beard oil. A powerful blend of essential oils, created with pure argan, avocado, jojoba, vitamin E and ginger root, this oil is your boyfriends new secret weapon. Instantly nourishing and replenishing to leave you with a velvet-like feel that we your girlfriends, will LOVE. Oh and it smells great too!

Beard Lotion £44

This lightweight formula offers much needed hydration and moisture to maintain a soft and healthy looking beard. Created with powerful shea butter, aloe vera and argan oil, these natural ingredients work their magic to lock in moisture and leave your man looking sharp. The velvet oud fragrance is also pretty dreamy, with a combination of french jasmine, creamy truffles and blackcurrant.

Arabella Candle £58

If you think men don’t love candles, you are wrong. We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve got home to find our partners have sneakily lit our favourite Diptyques WITHOUT PERMISSION. But we’ve found a new favourite fragrance in town, in the form of this beautiful and incredible smelling Moude Arabella candle. Your beau will love it just as much as you, trust us. With the most bright smelling fragrance, the Arabella Candle is made out of the most elegant and rarest natural ingredient which is Cambodian Oud. Seriously, this could quite easily be the best candle we’ve ever smelt, the blend of silken rose, neroli, iris and sweet muguet is truly heavenly, complete with a woody base and notes of amber. Delicious and worth every penny. And how utterly pretty is the packaging…?

Candle Accessories

If you’re looking to complete your perfect pressie, why not gift the candle with the matching wick trimmer and lighter? These will add a touch of class and style to any pad.

Delivery in the UK with Moude is free, so what are you waiting for?

Shop the full range and treat your boo (or yourself because those candles are pretty dreamy!) at

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