Liveable Luxury: 5 Budget Design Secrets to Make Your Home Look More Elegant

Posh but comfortable living does not have to cost you millions. After all, we don’t all have an endless budget at our disposal. But how do you make your home look and feel more luxurious without spending too much money? We spoke to Eva Leone, manager at Lawson Robb, who shares her top 5 budget design secrets to make your home look more elegant.

Washable, workhorse fabrics

Workhorse fabrics are tough, endurable fabrics that can withstand years of wear. It’s worth investing in quality constructed soft fabrics to make for durable furniture pieces and to save you from spending more money in the long term via replacing old, worn and torn items. Go for washable, workhorse fabrics to ensure for a fresh and clean-living space. The structure of workhorse fabrics should be strong enough to withstand the washing process and still last a long time, therefore making it easy for you to have timeless, spotless furniture.

Organisational aspects

A key feature of liveable luxury is functionality. Functionality showcases how stylish and sophisticated you can be, and the best way to achieve this is via the organisational aspects of your home. Minimalist table lamps, small vases, geometrical fruit vases, bread bins, metal racks and a gorgeous quality coffee maker or espresso machine, such as the ones from My Coffee Machine can all be statement pieces alongside great pieces of functionality. Sleek functional items and storage pieces do not only make your home look clutter-free and clean but exude an element of elegance and organisation.

Stimulate the senses

To truly achieve a luxurious home environment that is liveable, you need to feel comfortable. After all, it is your home! Invest in a cosy blanket to cuddle up to on warm winter days and add faux fur throws to your bed to have the ultimate soft sleep. Add a bouquet of flowers to your centrepiece to brighten up your day and burn a candle to have a gorgeous smelling home that stimulates the senses.

It’s about the little details

Any good interior designer will know that it’s all about the little details. Strategic, small furniture pieces can really elevate a room’s aesthetic and add more advanced layers to your home. Sofa cushions, plants, decorative bookends and area rugs are all examples of incorporating interesting details in the home that speak to you. The little details are all about adding that personal touch and if you get the balance right, this can make your home epitomise liveable luxury rather than look tacky and hoarded with personal items.

Pick a muted colour scheme, then add pops of colour

Muted tones can bring a soothing tone to any bedroom or living space, whilst adding bright pops of colour can make the atmosphere uplifting. First, work out what you would like your colour scheme to be. Keep it simple and try and focus on two or three colours. Start with a neutral base colour then add detailed colourful elements to the room. For instance, if you have chosen a neutral yellow paint, why not add touches of burnt orange and gold to the room?

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