7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Child’s Confidence

Confidence is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child. A child lacking in confidence may be reluctant to try new or challenging things and although many years away, this can result in holding them back later in life and prevent them from having a full life and a successful career.

As a mummy or daddy, you are the main source of your child’s sense of self-worth. Being the parent, you want to ensure that your child will become a well-rounded individual. If you don’t know where to start, we are here to help. In this article, we look at 7 ways to improve your child’s confidence.

1. Encouragement

It’s a good idea to find out what your child enjoys doing and encourage them to practice at it. Keep it fun and enjoyable without the added pressure and applaud them for their efforts no matter the outcome.

2. Let them figure out problems on their own

As parents, we always think we know best! However, it’s important to let your child figure out problems with little interference in order for them to grow and develop. Each time they solve a problem they’ll gain a new level of confidence that will help them excel in life.

Let them make mistakes and be there to boost their spirits so they keep trying, even if they sometimes fail.

3. Set them new challenges

Being mindful of your child’s capabilities, set them new challenges that you know they’ll be able to achieve. For example, it could be as simple as getting themselves dressed in the morning or something bigger such as removing the stabilisers from their bike.

Be sure to acknowledge their achievements whether big or small.

4. Be careful about praising them too much

It does not make children work harder or do better. In fact, if we tell children they are exceptionally smart and talented, they are easily discouraged when something is too difficult for them.

5. Teach your children good manners

It might seem like odd advice, but knowing how to properly address a person, shake hands or even set a table can give your child a kick-start to building self-confidence.

6. Remind them that mistakes are to be learnt from

Learning from mistakes can build confidence as long as they’re treated as an opportunity to learn and grow. Try not to be over protective, we all mess up every now and then, this will only help to better understand how not do it the next time.

7. Teach them what you know

Children look up to their parents, especially in the early years. You may have a hobby or sport you practice. Take them along to watch you, seeing you succeed can give your child the confidence to do the same, even if they decide not to follow in your footsteps.

Brenda Kimble

Brenda Kimble is an entrepreneur and mother of 2 daughters and a son, plus their beagle named Duke! She loves blogging, crafting, and spending time with her family.