Inside the Creative Mind of Kristin Gaudio Endsley

Inside the creative mind of Kristin Gaudio Endsley

Kristin Gaudio Endsley

For writers, painters, and fashion designers, creativity breathes through their fingertips. A daily dose of creativity does the mind (and soul) good. After all, at the end of the day, it all comes down to inspiration. But sometimes it can be difficult to draw inspiration, especially for a long-term work of art. We spoke to abstract artist Kristin Gaudio Endsley to learn what helps her creativity and productivity flow as a full-time artist.

Kristin Gaudio Endsley

Kristin Gaudio Endsley art

Kristin believes that becoming an artist was something she was always meant to be. ‘An artist was something I aspired to be, or something that chose me from a young age.’ She told us when we popped by her studio to learn more about her work. Originally from a port town in Maryland, Kristin’s biggest influences included familial generations of textiles creations and the juxtaposition of the industrial city against the natural landscape of the Chesapeake Bay.

Kristin was deeply involved in art programs throughout school and loved visiting galleries and museums whenever she had the chance. Her specific love for textiles and patterns led her to complete a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design, but in continuing her journey to become a successful artist, Kristen fell into a period of teaching before awakening to the realisation that defining herself as a practicing artist was ‘what I am meant to do and be.’

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Creating a new reality inspired by the one she is surrounded with is the name of this amazing artist’s game. Abstract art exists on its own playing field. Often this form of art depicts ideas through shapes and colours rather than a person, place or object.

Her previous work showcases unique shapes, lines, and colours to create pieces titled “Snow Day”, “Miami”, and “Pink Pieces”, among many others. Her weathered works (that we love!) uses a blending effect of colours to mimics the idea of water or movement.

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Kristin Gaudio Endlsey

Patience and timing are key when it comes to letting a work of art evolve, we soon learned. From idea to a finished series Kristin can take anywhere from three months to several years. While one single piece can take a few hours to complete, another might take much longer. ‘There is a lot of staring at the art until I say it is finished. Sometimes that takes weeks!’ Currently Kristin is working on three different series; each focus on figures, gestural work and defined shapes.

For a true artist like Kristin, one finds inspiration everywhere they go. Different influences can catalyse the theme for a series of work. Other abstract expressionist’s work and exciting landscapes shots at an aerial view are just two types of photos she seeks out. Usually she’ll pull from an image or her travels when working on specific works.

Kristin’s current series is inspired by aerial photos over Japanese landscapes before and after a tsunami. The female artist created the series involving surface and pattern abstractions of both large and infinitesimal spaces. It explores control versus chaos, internal versus external environments and other ways to capture new interpretations of a piece by the viewer.

Different influences catalyse the theme for a new series of work. Fellow abstract expressionist’s work and exciting landscapes shots from aerial views are just two types of photos Kristin seeks when researching but she is also likely to pull from an image of her personal travels when working on specific projects.

Throughout her extensive travels, Kristin has found ‘something new and inspiring from everywhere,’ but particularly holds Morocco dear. ‘I fell in love with the colors that surrounded me in Marrakesh.  I was drawn to the beautiful textiles, especially the rugs. I could look at them all day.’ The other aspect which stuck to Kristin’s artistic side was the handmade goods being crafted in front of her very eyes. ‘All of the little shops would show you their work studios or explain where it was made.  So many local artisans and craftsman…truly inspiring.’

Kristin’s top inspiration models at the moment include artists in the likes of Maya Hayuk, Zoe Pawlak and Heather Day and inspirational images by Alexander Wang and Esther Stewart’s collaboration with Valentino.

Having recently moved from London to DC, Kristin is still discovering new artists to meet locally and collaborate with. ‘DC is known as a city of politicians and lawyers so I have to dig deeper then I did in London but the artists are here and I look forward to meeting them.’ She talks positively of the budding movement ‘A Creative DC’ started by Morgan Hungerford which has educated her on the DC art scene and allowed her to follow their happenings. Learning and sharing from fellow artists is a prime way to rejuvenate a creative edge when it starts to feel flat!

Kristin will be in residency at 42 acres from the 5th to 27th of August. The secluded Somerset retreat detaches Kristin and fellow artists from urban living to natural enviroments while practicing their artistic form.

To follow Kristin’s creative movements, check out her beautifully designed website and connect with her on Instagram.

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Rachel is in her final year at Elon University in North Carolina studying International Studies, Creative Writing, and Spanish. Her passion lies in combining these interests through advocacy for women's rights at a global level. She has previously written for College Lifestyles and Her Campus Media. Follow her on Twitter @rachelshippee.

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