How Much Does TV Aerial Installation Cost?

How much does it cost to get a new TV aerial? If you have moved into a new home or your old aerial is broken, then it can be frustrating to deal with not having any media entertainment to keep you occupied during your downtime. While smartphones and the internet are widely accessible, nothing beats the idle comfort of having the telly on in your home.

The cost of setting up a new TV aerial depends on where you want it to be installed. The price range for new outdoor aerials is from £170 to £220. If you hire a professional to do the job, it will take anywhere between four and six hours.

On the other hand, indoor aerials are much more affordable. They will only set you back £40 to £50 and it will take a maximum of two hours to complete the entire setup process. If you live in an area where the signal loss associated with indoor aerials are minimal or if you have the budget for extra equipment, then this may be a more attractive option for you. 

There are other considerations you need to take into account when getting a new TV aerial. Here’s a quick look at each one so you can quickly start searching on the right foot. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of Aerial Installation

Home Location

The location of your aerial is not just the only factor you need to consider. To get a more precise estimate, the location is also an important consideration. If you live in London, than you will need to pay more for contractors to do the job. This is the case with most home renovation jobs in the country. Furthermore, you are expected to secure a parking permit for the service professionals if you do not have parking on your property. This is a fee that not many people think of at the onset of the job.

Neighboring infrastructures and the local topography all have an impact on signal and transmission strength, so make sure you hire a good installer to do the work.

Skill and Expertise

The reality is that in any industry, you need to do your own due diligence and make sure you are investing your money in the right people. Cheap quotations can be a red flag because it could be an indication that the company is desperate to get the work. Conversely, upselling is also a problem because businesses want to capitalize on the opportunity to make as much money out of a new client. 

Be careful of offers to get extras, such as longer poles or new cabling, especially when you doubt they’re required in the first place. Search online for professional, respectable firms with a good internet presence and plenty of reviews so that you can be confident about the installation.

New Cabling

Since you are thinking of having a brand new aerial system installed, you will need to have new cabling and custom wholesale wire harness to connect the signal from the aerial to your television. This can be very costly, not because of the materials, but because the process of routing and renovating your home to make way for the cables requires skill. The professionals you hire may need to map out the area, drill some holes, and more just to make sure that you have channels to watch on your TV.

Adjacent to new cabling are considerations for redecorating your living space. If wires are not properly covered and routed, then they may affect how comfortable you feel in your home. This is not something that is usually considered beforehand and the additional cost may catch people off guard.

Tips to Save Money on TV Aerial Installation

Research Thoroughly

Regardless of whether you plan on doing it yourself or hiring professionals to do it for you, do your research. The harms of trying to set up an aerial without preparing for it beforehand can be massively understated. You will be dealing with heights, wires, complex equipment, and perhaps strangers coming in and out of your home. 

When you know exactly what you want and the people who can get the job done, then you can expect a straightforward transaction with minimal need for future maintenance. Make sure you know whether you actually need additional equipment so that you do not overspend on auxiliary items – but if you do, then think ahead and ask for quotations for these extra services from multiple businesses beforehand. 

Go For Local Companies

Local companies are more affordable because they do not have a lot of operational costs to consider. A large company needs to think of pricing their products and services in a way that would cover their advertising, marketing, showrooms, and more. 

If you invest in smaller businesses, then all you need to pay for is the service you want. Granted, this might mean that you exchange the convenience of having a 24/7 support desk to call in case things go wrong. However, it is still worth considering because it lowers your initial costs. 

Get Quotations

Don’t be afraid of taking the time to look around. In any scenario, it’s a nuisance if you have to keep getting a new installation fixed because something in the process was botched the first time around. We recommend getting at least three quotations from competing businesses and then comparing these prices so that you can make the most informed choice possible.

Do It Yourself?

This tip comes with a question mark because it does not apply to all cases. Installing TV aerials can be a complex and even dangerous process. If you do not have the expertise to do it yourself, then you may end up spending more on the cost of getting your mistakes fixed – or worse, hospitalization fees if you are injured after working at great heights. 

Some parts of TV aerial maintenance can be done easily, especially if they are indoor models. This way, all you need to pay for is the cost of materials because you are shouldering the labor.

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