Make-Over of Your Garden: One Plant at a Time

When it comes to a garden, people tend to design it in one go. This is simple yet strange: you do end up with a coherent story, but the “feeling” you create will only present itself once the garden is ready. How do you create a good feeling in your garden? If you ask experts, they know it all… However, the true feeling you want a garden to give differs per person. What is trending and relaxing for the market, does not mean it will make you happy. So, how can you find out what works for you? 

Do your research

When you want to change the garden, start by doing your research. What do you like? This can be a hard question, and pictures on Pinterest and Instagram do not tell the full story. They make it more difficult to determine what is truly yours. Therefore, it helps to go to stores and check out what you enjoy from other people’s gardens. You can take those elements and combine them to your taste. If you have landscaping trees in your yard, you can also research on the best time to schedule a tree trimming to keep your trees healthy and beautiful. Contact a company that offers tree trimming services to ensure that your trees are properly trimmed or pruned.

Combine different types of plants

Sticking to a specific theme can be challenging. Some people enjoy Japanese gardens but also want to have some modern elements. If you research those two types, you will notice that there are many possibilities in combining them into a well-aligned blend. People can check this image source, if they need the best landscape and lawn services.

Make a mood board

To structure your thinking and select the best of what you like, you can go ahead and create a mood board. Such a board can provide you with the structure you need to shape your garden. You can also use it to contact a garden company that can make it come to life. It will help them to understand your line of thinking and create the right sketches. This, in turn, will improve the outcomes of the process.

What about a garden pond?

This is one of the most underrated elements a garden can have. Many people do not even consider having a pond. It comes with numerous advantages, such as:

  • More wildlife in your garden. Ranging from insects to birds, you will enjoy a more biodiverse garden compared to a garden without a pond. 
  • More green and colors. For example, you can add aquatic plants to your pond, giving it a vibrant feeling. Next to that, they clean the water!
  • Fishes in your pond. Make sure to protect them from hungry birds, but once you have fish you will sit by the pond and feed them with joy.

You help Mother Nature out if you decide to move forward with a pond. You can choose many designs, ranging from Japanese zen-style to French and Spanish types. Adding a pond to the garden is a nice incremental change that will change the overall perspective of the garden. Start with creating your pond today, and your (possible) doubts will go away!

Krysta Jakson

Krysta is an experienced blogger, writing blogs on lifestyle, fashion, beauty and travel. She wonderfully describes the latest trends on these topics, making the articles interesting for all the readers.