What are the Most Popular Kitchen Trends for 2021?

Which kitchen trends are more popular in 2021? We share the top features homeowners want, from touchless faucets to warm wood finishes.

Now that 2021 is well underway, we’re seeing many new kitchen trends emerge. Newcastle bespoke kitchen designs cater to unique tastes, from Gosforth to Tynemouth. Tailored to fit your lifestyle in Tyne and Wear, these kitchens combine personal flair with practicality. From warm colours to greater storage space and touchless features, there are many features that are topping the trends list this year.

Wood Finishes

In 2021, we’re seeing more wooden kitchen designs in London and throughout Europe. There’s greater demand for kitchen styles that incorporate natural, organic materials. Not only is wood an organic material, but it also offers the warm colours that people are craving.

A variety of wood finishes are available, from light hues to dark woods that create a rich, welcoming look.

Warm Colours

Although white is still the preferred colour for kitchen cabinets and worktops, warmer colours are trending this year. Warm hues make the space feel more welcoming and inviting. They elicit feelings of comfort and familiarity. 

Warm colours pair well with greenery, wooden features and woven elements.

Organic Style

One of the top kitchen styles this year, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, is the organic style. This style incorporates the clean lines of the ever-popular contemporary and transitional kitchens, but also includes natural textures and materials.

Key elements of this style include:

  • Neutral colours
  • Matte or brushed finishes
  • Similar colours used for the walls, trim and ceilings
  • Greenery

The organic style is modern, sleek and luxurious, but it has a timeless appeal and the flexibility to fit into any budget.

Touchless Faucets

One big trend we’re seeing in kitchen design is touchless faucets. Hand-washing hygiene has been the focal point of our everyday lives for the last year. Touchless faucets promote safe hand-washing practices in your home kitchen.

They also make food preparation a breeze, with little risk of contaminating surfaces. 

There are a few popular styles for touchless faucets:

  • Hands-free
  • Motion control
  • Touch-tap

Voice-activated faucets have also been introduced to the market. In addition to promoting better kitchen hygiene, touchless faucets, particularly voice-activated ones, can also help you dispense just the right amount of water for cooking.

Matte finishes are a popular choice because they’re low-maintenance and do not show fingerprints. This makes clean-up a breeze.

Increased Storage

The pandemic changed the way we eat and live. Most of us spent most of our time at home, and this meant cooking more meals at home. That trend continues into 2021, as social distancing and gathering limits are still in place throughout the world.

The trend of consuming more home-cooked meals means a greater need for storage. Homeowners are looking for more pantry and freezer space. Increased cabinetry can help with storing new equipment and cookware families are investing in to prepare meals at home.

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Style for Your Life

Many of these trends are here to stay, especially as more people embrace home cooking again. If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, it’s important to consider your lifestyle and budget when choosing a style. 

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.