The Reasons Why Basements and Attics Can Come in Handy

Basements and attics have been part of houses for years, and they serve a number of functions. When constructing a house, there are a lot of considerations that one has to put in mind, some have a lot to do with space, and where houses are involved, the more the space at your disposal, the better it is for you. With that in mind, the following are some of the reasons why your house has to have a basement, an attic, or both at the same time.

Storage Purposes

There will come a time when you will have accumulated so much junk over the years, some with sentimental value that is too important to be discarded. Having them around your living quarters can be a little suffocating as they will take up all the space; this is where having an attic or a basement comes in handy. Basements, in particular, are the ideal storage spaces for things you don’t need but can’t throw away at that moment. You can design a basement that will act as the official storage unit for some of those things. Rather than clutter your garage, it is time to shift all that junk to the basement area or the attic. The attic may be a bit more challengin since the support beams can get in the way and limit your storage space, but if think about it and make sure you can pay for a quick remodel then a quick solution to the problem can be hiring roofing experts to inspect your attic to see if the support can be placed somewhere else to increase the amount of space.


You can repurpose your basement and attic into your private area that’s out of bounds from other people. This could be where you go for a quick nap after a long day at work without having to be disturbed by kids or any other person until you are fresh and recharged. Besides that, you can also transform your basement or attic into an entertainment spot, maybe a mini-theater or a gaming zone where you spend some quality time by yourself or with friends playing games over the weekend over some beers. Other recreational activities that you can set up include a pool table, ping pong table, among many other options. You can also create a cosy tv station!

Living Quarters

A basement can also be converted into living quarters where you can keep your visitors in if you run out of space. Just make sure that it’s fully livable and complete with repairs such as a basement crack repair.

You can furnish it sufficiently with chairs, tables, its own toilet and bathrooms and good ventilation to make it as conducive for occupation as possible. In some instances, you can even choose to rent that space out to someone you can trust and make some decent amount of money while you are at it. All you’ll need to do is to add an exterior door leading to the basement from the other side and have whoever lives there to have their own privacy without coming through the main house every time they want to step out.


Having a basement and an attic saves you the uncomfortable sight of having to see all the electrical and plumbing lines running through your entire house. It is much safer when everything is set up in the basement area as that is more convenient and saves you the hassle of having to deal with leaks if they were to start from the walls. Another advantage of having all the systems connected in the basement is the convenience they afford you when it comes to repairs. You simply direct the plumber to the basement, where they can quickly find out where the fault is without having to go through the entire house. Exterior drain tile technicians can also put the necessary waterproofing equipment in your basement. You may even seek professional basement waterproofing services to protect your basement from water damage.

Hobby Center

Do you have some artistic talents like drawing, making music, making craft beer, or any other interesting hobby? Then the basement would make the perfect space to explore all your talents and hobbies to your utmost satisfaction. Activities like painting are ideal for the basement as you have the freedom to be messy without having to worry about how things look since you are the only person who bothers to go down or up. 

There’s also the convenience of doing things away from other people, allowing you to do what you want without any interference or someone accidentally walking over what you took days to make. If you have a music band with your friends, then you can turn the basement into your fun headquarters where you can spend your free time fooling around and practicing in a soundproofed space without worrying about disturbing your neighbors.

The Drawbacks of Basements

Despite their many benefits, there are some drawbacks that are associated with basements, and they include the following.

  • You will have to deal with additional construction costs since the house’s entire plan has to be reviewed to avoid instances where the house collapses on itself.
  • Basements are usually damp, which gives rise to mold, which can spread to the rest of the hose, endangering other people’s lives.
  • There’s always the danger of flooding if you live in a lowland area that is prone to natural disasters like hurricanes and heavy rain. This can make the house to collapse much faster. The best battery backup for existing sump pump will help you navigate the difficult rainy seasons when your basement can flood by pushing the water out even if there is a power outage
  • They provide hiding spaces for pests and even dangerous animals like snakes, and this can be a danger to the rest of the people.


One thing about basements is that they require ample light since natural light cannot reach underground spaces. Whatever plan you have in mind, make sure the lighting is done the right way to get the most out of the basement. Consider getting your products from the best LED light manufacturer in China in bulk at a cheaper cost for the best lighting solutions.

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