How to Future-Proof Your Home

Just like we wear SPF to future-proof our skin, we must also future-proof our homes. Investing in some home equipment to ensure that your home is up to scratch as you get older is essential. The technology world is evolving and you’ll soon find that there’s nobody left who knows how to fix your fax machine, or what a fax machine even is. So ditch the landline, burn that phone book and take these steps to make sure that your home is ready for the future. 

Doorbell Cameras

Let’s be honest, we’re all a bit skeptical of an uninvited doorbell-ringer. Usually a salesperson of some sort who you’d rather ignore but that hint of curiosity will lead you to answer anyways. This problem is one of the past with new and improved camera doorbells, such as Ring, that allow you to have a sneak peak at your caller right from the palm of your hand. 

What’s more, Ring also has a VideoDoorbell, a Wi-Fi enabled doorbell camera that allows you to video chat with your visitors through your phone- ideal for letting the delivery man know it’s safe to leave the delivery at the door! 

Smart Power

Leaving your home in a rush will inevitably lead to something being left on. Whether that’s the TV, the oven, or all of the lights. Even if not, you’ll still be left with that pinch of anxiety that you’ll return to a ground of ash where your house once sat, all thanks to your straighteners. With futuristic apps such as Samsung’s Smartthings plugs, the Wemo Switch or TP-Link’s Wifi plug, you can turn devices on and off right from your phone. This new home technology can even tell you how much power or energy you use on your electronics, a great incentive to actually hang out your washing rather than throwing it in the all-too-convenient tumble drier! 

Automatic Locks 

Similar to the stand-by fear, we’ve all experienced the all-consuming wonder of whether or not you remembered to lock the door. Whether it’s on a plane to a country many miles away, or in bed after you’ve gotten snuggled in, that self-doubt is a hard one to ignore. There are now options out there that allow you to control your locks from your phone, such as Deadbolt. Think of it as a virtual spare key, so no need to hide anything under your doormat or fear about leaving anything unlocked. Whether you need to let the dog walker in while you’re out or the kids have lost their keys again, this virtual key will solve any future hassle. 

Mobility Aids

Lastly, as we get into the mature years of our lives, we need to pay extra attention of how we move around the house. In fact, the stairs are probably the most important feature of the home we need to future-proof. Missing one step while going up or down a staircase is a lot more dangerous than it sounds. As we get older and our daily step intake decreases, we might be more tempted to use the stairs as a source of exercise. However, if muscles have weakened and mobility has become limited, it’s actually a much safer option to join a gym for the a wall on the treadmill, swim in the pool, or spin on the bikes! We’d recommend investing in a chair lift installation from companies like Age Mobility to take the pressure off your legs and make sure you get safely from one floor to another. Motorized Stair Lifts like these can greatly improve your daily mobility and convenience.

But what do I do if stairlift starts making a noise? Read on to find the solution!

That concludes the ways that you can future-proof your home today! Although it may seem premature, it’s never too early to make sure your home is ready for the years to come. 

Josie Wilkins

Josie is a Journalism graduate from Galway, Ireland. In her free time, she writes for her blog, Naturally Fuelled (@josiewilkins on instagram). When she isn't writing, she enjoys playing the one song she knows on the piano, 'I Giorni', saving the postman from her aggressive Shorkie, and defending brussels sprouts as an all-year-round snack!