Revamping Your Bathroom on a Budget

With more time spent in the confines of your home, becoming bored of the current interior decor is a reality many are facing right now. On the one hand, you’re desperate for some drastic alterations, but on the other hand, that’s just not currently possible. Plus, alterations become expensive. Just make sure that you prioritize things like drain cleaning and other immediate repairs before doing any cosmetic upgrades.

Luckily for you, some small changes can make a significant difference. If you’re interested in a Custom Design Shower and revamp, then you may consider getting help from expert shower remodelers. Moreover, something as simple as adding soap dispensers can create more space, make the room feel cleaner, and give the refresh you were after.

For a complete bathroom makeover, we have some great tips on how to go about it on a budget. Take a look!

Choose A Feature Wall To Paint

A layer of new paint can truly work wonders in a worn-out room. This handy tip saves worrying about going all-in and making drastic changes to your bathroom.

Choose one wall as a focal point and paint it a bright colour, or even a pastel shade if you prefer. Having one dramatic feature wall in the space will bring a breath of fresh air and can also make it feel a lot brighter. Give the remaining walls a refresh with a neutral shade and your bathroom will feel as good as new! Alternatively, you can use bathroom wall panels. This makes the job much easier, and they can look great against a feature wall of any colour. 

Introduce New Accessories

Accessories can be big or small – either way, they will have a considerable impact on the bathroom. Look around and see what has been in your bathroom for too long, perhaps some old soap dishes, a washing basket, old towels, or even candles burnt out weeks ago. 

You could improve the atmosphere of your bathroom by introducing new towelling, a soft rug, or beautiful candles, for instance. Otherwise, try picking up some woven baskets to create a DIY storage space to hide any clutter that might be lying around.

The options available for accessories are endless, and the smallest of changes can have a significant impact on the feel of your bathroom!

Create A Gallery Wall

There’s no reason why pictures or artwork shouldn’t be hung up in a bathroom. If you have an open wall looking slightly bare, it may be time to do something creative, like a gallery wall!

Choose some of your favourite prints, cutouts, polaroids, or anything that inspires you. You can even frame them if you want to go that bit extra. Otherwise, they can go up as they are.

Gallery walls are easy ways to fill up a space but with a meaningful touch. You can also choose a theme if you want, like black and white, or neon colours. Be sure to have some fun with it and make the wall unique.

Bring The Outside Inside

Plants not only make a space look beautiful, but they can also have a positive impact on our mental wellbeing. Filling your bathroom up with plants that can flourish inside will turn the space into a gorgeous, indoor jungle!

With tight lockdown restrictions in place at the moment, it is essential to ensure your space is calm and peaceful. Bringing plants into your bathroom will help you achieve this zen-state!

Revamping your bathroom on a budget is doable and can be an extremely exciting process if you let it! You can make so many small changes that will help change the space into your dream bathroom. Happy revamping!

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.