Interior Trends 2020: What Colours, Looks & Textures to Look out for

We care a lot about making our house a home, and for many, an easy way of achieving the desired impact is staying on top of news stirring up the creative juices and trends all happening in the world of interiors. With spring nearly here, the warmer temps and sunny weather probably make you want to chuck out half of your own tired belongings and head to the nearest furniture store. 

But before you do so, do you know what trends are ‘in’? Are you staying on top of what’s currently happening in the world of decor and interiors? Here in this article, we will help you to understand what trends to look for in 2020.

Black & Dark Interiors

Black is the…new black?

If you’re not a fan of the all-white trend, listen up! Dark colours are becoming very popular, with searches for ‘dark’ and ‘black’ interiors sneaking their way onto the popular list with more and more people searching for black or dark kitchens. OK, black kitchen designs aren’t exactly new but they are rising in popularity!

If you’re not quite ready to dive straight into the world of black interiors, why not experiment with a few black accessories or incorporate materials such as black slate into your home? 

Abstract Energy

Inspired by abstract expressionist artwork, this interior design trend takes on a fun and free-spirited aesthetic. With the use of playful blocks of colour, hand-drawn sketches and striking geometrics, you can express your personality through your home. The bold patterns and strong colours present a more spirited manner to décor compared to other design trends. The meaning of this trend is to evoke emotion. Translating from canvas this trend is best expressed on wallpaper designs, duvets and flat cushions, as the trend celebrates the imperfect and fluidity of hand-drawn forms.

Colourful Kitchens

A monochrome colour scheme and grey themes dominated much of the past decade (Mrs Hinch, we’re looking at you). 2020 however will see homeowners starting to step away from this safe-player and begin to experiment more with colour. Hoorah! With cheerful shades from blue, to green, and even light purple and yellow, we applaud the bravery!

Honest Comforts

This cosy look is ideal for places with character as the trend is all about layering up comforting throws, cushions and knits to achieve a space that feels immediately inviting.

With an emphasis on natural pigments, you can embody this trend with the use of cool greys and blues too paired with accent colours of warmer pinks.

Easy to work with due to its informal design, complement the space with an organic colour palette teamed with teals and mossy greens. Key details for bedding and textiles for this trend is the use of comforting textures, soft colours and decorative details. This style will keep you snug in the winter and is radiant enough to be fashionably ready for the warmer months.


With interests in sustainability rising within the world of interiors, it’s no big surprise really that natural materials such as bamboo are creeping up in popularity. This sturdy and renewable material can be used as flooring, for furniture, and even woven into fabric! Whilst bamboo has been around for a while, there’s a definite resurgence happening, why not experiment with a few bamboo accessories?

This natural material is great for adding warmth to any living space. 

Eclectic Glamour

Shapely furniture that includes rounded curves and fluid shapes steals the limelight in this elegant theme. The fearless, bold and sassy look takes it up a notch with this glamorous take on previous interior design trends. Use in any room where you want to show your flamboyant side and make a real style statement, try to channel Thirties elegance and sophistication along with the Seventies opulence to perfectly execute this style.

Use a colour scheme that includes rich hues mixed with warmer tones then to finalise the look add some final touches of metallic.

Mid-Century Living

Renowned worldwide for its clean lines, timeless pieces and simple yet chic aesthetic, this nostalgic trend celebrates the interior design trends of the Mid-Century.

Mid- Century living is a classic trend that currently has a major influence in the world of interior design. You can purchase high-quality replicas from the era that are faithful to the original design, companies such as Pash Classic offer a cohesive range that will ensure you perfectly accomplish this ageless trend. Mustard is a key colour for this interior style, the retro shade keeps growing in popularity and is the perfect accent colour to add alongside a wide range of colour schemes. 

Green Schemes 

Hailed as the ‘must’ colour in design for 2020, green is definitely having a moment! Searches for ‘green kitchens’ increased by 50% since 2018, along with search terms including ‘green bedrooms’ and ‘green bathrooms’ we can see how sustainability is having such a great impact with the colours and materials that are now booming in popularity. In fact, leading paint brand, Dulux, even crowned a shade of green as their ‘colour of the year’ for 2020. 

Meghan Taylor

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