Beginning Your Gardening Adventure

If you just now joined the gardening game and aren’t exactly sure where to start – worry not. There are a lot of reasons to love Autumn and the cooler temperatures provide the opportunity to take on bigger challenges in the beautiful outdoors such as establishing the most eye-catching garden. Yes, patio season may be over but now is in fact the ideal time to boost the beauty of your own backyard by doing some fall gardening. If you need residential retaining wall design options for gardens, they can check it out here!

So put on your boots and enjoy Autumn at its best!

There are many reasons that people find themselves with an empty plot this time of year: after all, when buying a new house, people don’t often think about the planting season. That is, until they finally stand in their own yards and look around for the first time, realising that they have to do something. Leaves are falling, turning golden yellow – no one thinks about sowing new seeds now! 

But here are a few things you CAN do now, and be way ahead of the game in the spring – whether it’s planning out your raised beds, looking around for greenhouses for sale, (you should be getting some great deals at this time of year) or starting your new compost pile.

Here are some ideas:

Plant Bulbs – even if your garden is in disrepair, you can always plant bulbs like tulips, lilies and daffodils. They will peek their heads out from under the leaves come early spring. 

Get a greenhouse – this is the perfect time to do any construction work in a new garden. By the time spring is here, you will have everything set up inside and outside. Then, you can devote the first warm days to actually sowing seeds and planting, instead of getting all set up. You may also need to invest in various tools like garden hoses and Garden hose connectors that you can use to water your plants.

Start a compost pile – if you start your compost pile with a fresh batch of fallen leaves, coffee grounds, extra soil, and an eggshell or two, you might have some great fertilizer to help your seedlings out in the early spring. A bonus – if you keep your compost pile in the greenhouse, the composting action will actually help to heat your greenhouse by a few degrees, extending your growing season. When cutting down your trees for christmas, make sure you have the best chainsaw chain oil for your chainsaw.

We hope to have inspired you a bit – here is a greenhouse guide that will be helpful to any novice. There’s plenty of work to get to before the snow falls!

Lena Hemsworth

Lena is a journalist with a weak spot for cappuccino, dogs, and sleep. She loves following new trends in health and wellness industries as well as lifestyle and loves sharing her thoughts with other fellow enthusiasts.