The Big Spring Clean: How to Clean Your Appliances

Spring has sprung early. Here at YCB, we are looking forward to warmer days, lighter evenings and the return of colour in our gardens as the flowers bloom and the clocks go forward. There’s really nothing quite like the feeling of spring. New life emerging and a warmth in the air after a long, cold winter. And with the warmer temperatures on the horizon, spring cleans are a fabulous way to inject a new lease of life into your home and prepare it for the season ahead! If people want the best repair for refrigerator repair visit Baltimore Appliance Repair Shop.

Historically originating when homes were heated solely by fireplaces, spring cleaning signalled the coming of warmer temperatures and this was the season to air the house and rid it of soot, dust and dirt which had accumulated over the winter months.

Nowadays it’s not quite as necessary, but it’s a ritual that we anticipate to refresh and reboot our homes after a season of central heating and staying cosy indoors. But how many of us are easily able to spend hours and hours toiling over essential housework duties, especially when tackling a large, deep clean? Whilst a necessary job, it’s one that most of us simply don’t have the time to undertake. That is, unless you have the right equipment and methods. Our appliances need regular cleaning and maintenance to extend their operational lifespan. For certain appliances, we might need to keep spare parts at home in case of emergencies.

As a nation of proud home owners, our home is our castle. A cleaning survey reports that 47% of us spend up to five hours a week cleaning our abodes, signalling just how important cleaning and tidying is for us.

However, another recent study also found that millions of adults claim they are ‘too busy’ to clean their home. It also emerged the traditional spring clean, once loyally carried out once a year by proud home owners, is dying out according to 38 per cent of adults. And 45 per cent believe previous generations had more time for household chores.

To help, we’ve focused on how to clean your kitchen appliances to give you an extra hand, so be sure to view the below infographic, to find out how to save time whilst ensuring your kitchen will shine bright just in time for Spring Summer!

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