Eco-Friendly Essence!

Okay you guys, we recently came across these classy candles and they smell as divine as your drink. Introducing the Vineyard Candles – Prosecco or Gin & Tonic.

As if straight from the vine we sampled these quaint candles and let us tell you..they are scented like the gorgeous grape used in prosecco. So deliciously refreshing! Whilst the gin & tonic smells like the dreamy taste of juniper.

Excellently crafted the recycled wine bottles are smoothly finished and flame polished so there’s no sharp edges and the light reflects. All topped off with a stunning box and stylish label that gives it something extra special.

The luxury 100% natural soya wax draws on special fragrances from around the world, including hints of coriander and citrus or grapefruit and rose, you can relax and unwind in the sweet scents of this candle.

We be burnin’, not concernin’ because these will burn in excess of 80 hours!

Have an aromatic evening and breathe in your top tipple from for £17.99 each today.

Diana Simpson

Diana is a passionate journalist and a curious soul who is on the quest of finding what she loves the most; coffee, dogs, books or traveling? Born and bred in London, writing is her healing power.

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