Summer Colour Palettes: Mastering Moroccan Home Design in 2018

With summer on the horizon and social engagements aplenty adorning your calendar, there’s no better time to show your home some much-needed TLC in time for those all-important soirees.

Looking for a little helping hand? You’re in the right place!

With its reputation as a melting pot of culture and vibrancy, where better to source your interior inspiration than the stunning landscape of Morocco?

Whether you’re overhauling your holiday home in the south of France or sprucing up your year-round abode in England, with our colour palette tips, you can turn your property into a Moroccan-inspired escape in time for summer 2018.

Rich and rustic reds

Red is known for being a passionate and fiery colour – and in your quest to execute the richness and extravagance of Moroccan design, it offers the perfect chance to add some personality to your home. For those brave enough, a deep red floor-to-ceiling tiled or painted wall is a great start, especially when coupled with lighter tones, so as not to overwhelm the room.

While a red leather sofa might seem a touch like overkill in a living room that’s already boasting a wall bedecked with patterned tiles, some well-placed scatter cushions could provide the perfect finishing touch to this space. Alternatively, you can use coloured lamp shades or bulbs to help your home ooze Moroccan opulence at night.

Golden yellows

From glorious sunrises to breathtaking sunsets, the Moroccan skyline is nothing short of spectacular – so why not breathe some of this ethereal beauty into your home by adding a splash of yellow to your paint pallette? Guaranteed to evoke happiness and vitality, choose a shade that suits you and get to work.

If sunshine feature walls aren’t for you, linen drapes, chunky throws and hand-painted wooden furniture items are all great ways to see your room burst into life. Throw some rustic golden picture frames and brass fixtures and fittings into the mix to add a truly majestic edge to any room in your home.

Trusty terracottas

We couldn’t possibly discuss Moroccan home design without touching on the staple colour of this style: terracotta. While it might be synonymous with plant pots, the opportunity to work this shade into your interior doesn’t have to stop at ceramics. From your flooring up to your ceiling, this warm and welcoming colour can help transform your home into a comfortable, ambient retreat.

If you’re particularly green-fingered, there’s no reason you can’t work some plant pots into your interior, even in rooms you may not have considered. The kitchen in particular will benefit from some greenery and we’d recommend mixing and matching the styles and sizes of your pots to add character – but why not also add a little spirit to the bathroom and bedrooms?

Jewel blues

When it comes to Moroccan design, you can’t go far wrong with mosaic tiles – and with a variety of shapes and sizes on the market, this is your chance to get creative. Whether they’re being used for the walls or floors, these eclectic and eye-catching patterns promise to be the ultimate conversation starter – and can transform your home from tired and functional to trendy and fabulous. Jewel blues have always been popular, and, by contrasting them with neutral colours like black or white, you can ensure your mosaic feature delivers its desired effect.

Experiment with wall hangings and floor rugs and watch as the different shades of blue – think cobalt and teal – add character to your home. Bigger is better when it comes to channeling this trend, so don’t be afraid to order yards of material and let your crafty side loose on creating some unique home furnishings.

From impossibly indulgent living rooms to open and airy kitchen spaces, Moroccan home design really does offer something for everyone. Your blank canvas awaits!

Charlotte Giver

Charlotte is the founder and editor-in-chief at Your Coffee Break. With a background in PR working in Los Angeles and Barcelona, Charlotte has been working hard running Your Coffee Break from the YCB HQ in London’s Covent Garden for the past 4 years. Dried mangos, Starbucks and runs through Hyde Park get this Londoner through the day.

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