How to Stay Healthy Through the Winter Months

This winter, face the cold weather head on with and keep your immune system and digestive system in top condition.

As the clocks go back, our mood and energy levels can often dip as low as the temperatures. To make sure you maintain the optimum levels of beneficial bacteria to support winter immunity and help support B vitamin production necessary for energy production follow our tips below:

What to eat to stay healthy and boost immunity:

1. Artichoke – A rainbow of colourful seasonal organic local vegetables offer a wide range of nutrients that will work synergistically together to support effective immune function.

2. Raspberries – Pick local berries and fruits, they are said to be rich in vitamin C & E and full of antioxidants to build the immune system up before the winter months.

3. Yoghurt – Traditional fermented foods such as yoghurt have been used for centuries to help keep a balanced gut flora to support the majority of immune cells located there. An alternative is taking a modern multi-strain probiotic supplement such as Bio-Kult before meals.

4. Avocados – Essential fatty acid intake found avocados to help support a healthy inflammatory response.

5. Legumes – Good quality protein sources such as legumes are the building blocks for many immune cells.

6. Oyster – Beta-glucans found in oysters are now widely discussed to support healthy immunity.

7. Mushrooms – Dietary nucleotides found in mushrooms as well as meat and fish are building blocks for DNA and RNA synthesis now known to support the production and function of immune cells.  

8. Sage – Culinary herbs in cooking such as sage are reputed to have immune boosting benefits.

9. Natural Sugar Alternative – Using a natural sugar alternative to minimise intake of processed sugar and refined carbohydrates that are said to suppress the immune system and feed bad bacteria in the gut.

10. Garlic – this list wouldn’t be complete without Garlic. Used for centuries as a natural antimicrobial to fight infections. Cooked lightly to retain the active ingredient allicin.

What supplements should you be taking?

Many people aren’t aware that up to 70% of our immune cells are located in the gut and that our gut bacteria play an essential role in supporting a strong immune system. This can be compromised during the winter months if busy fighting off bugs. Multi-strain probiotics such a Bio-Kult have been shown to significantly shorten common colds and can help to reduce the severity of symptoms.  

Winter comfort eating can often lead to feelings of sluggishness. Healthy digestive function and regular removal of waste products and toxins could help us feel lighter and energised. With its 3-in-1 combination of gentle fibres, probiotic cultures and natural prebiotics, Lepicol could help to keep digestive issues at bay and contribute to a stronger immunity throughout winter.

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