‘Rehab Centre’ Opens For Online Shopping Addicts, in a Bid to Save the High Street!

The world’s first rehab centre for self confessed Amazon addicts has launched. The ‘Giant Corp Rehab Centre’ arrives as new research reveals that one in three Brits confess they are ‘addicted’ to shopping online with giant retailers, with one in 12 people ordering goods online every 36 hours on average.

The unique therapy centre is run by trained therapists and offers ‘Meditative Box Therapy’, where patients repeatedly flatten cardboard boxes as a form of stress relief, ‘Shock Therapy’ where an art gallery of visions of the future high street startles patients into realising how damaging shopping with giant retailers can be, and ‘Digit Distraction’ classes which aim to retrain the brain to avoid clicking the ‘pay now’ button. The rehab centre also offers masterclasses in floristry and latte art for self-confessed shopping addicts to help them engage with local business in a bid to save the British high street.

The Giant Corp Rehab Centre, launched by fintech company iZettle, comes in the midst of the Government’s inquiry into the diminishing high street and what can be done to secure its future.

To end the treatment, independent business owners will be on-hand to lead a series of workshops, including florists from Rebel Rebel and baristas from Over Under Coffee, helping participants arrange beautiful bouquets and create stunning latte art – while discussing just what it takes to run an independent business. All participants will leave the rehab centre with a new skill from hands on workshops and a home ‘treatment plan’ containing hand-crafted products from independent businesses, a bundle worth over £50.

Athena Duncan is the co-founder of Rebel Rebel, a floristry business in Hackney, and is running a workshop at the rehab centre teaching flower arrangements. She comments, “We need our high streets and shops so we can experience real things and touch them taste them and feel them. In ten years’ time when we turn round and there are no high streets left it will be too late.

“At our workshops you will experience the fun of playing with flowers and creating something beautiful. We hope this will inspire you to explore your local shops and discover what it is to be real. Support your local shops now. Because we’re worth it!”

Edward Hallett, Managing Director at iZettle UK says, “Our research shows that it is time for consumers to start thinking about their shopping habits, and choices, to keep the high street alive. Small businesses are the backbone of the economy and create a world with choice and diversity. That’s why we provide them with powerful business tools so they can succeed in a world where big businesses are taking over, whether online or in-store.”

The Giant Corp Rehab Centre is part of a wider iZettle marketing campaign encouraging UK consumers to think about their shopping habits and support local, independent businesses. iZettle aims to lead the debate regarding big corporations affect on society and celebrate the diversity selfmade small businesses bring to society. The campaign is live in tube stations across London and will be broadcast online, in cinema, and on primetime television during October.

For those who want to kick their online shopping habit, tickets are available here and walk-ins are welcome.

For more information on iZettle, visit: www.izettle.com

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