Upgrade Your Happy System: Happy Tech Seminar Teaches You to Banish the Blues

Imagine raising your default level of happiness. Easily. And instantly.

Well, now you can! Certified NLP, leadership and mindfulness coach Dan Gerrett has launched the Happiness Technology Seminar to help you build a more joyful state from within.

This audio-visual feast of fun dives into brain-disrupting exercises to boost your confidence and create lasting self-esteem. Besides sparking healthy behavioural patterns that shatter mental barriers, the four-hour interactive experience trains you to use Instatools – the quickest way to flip a bad day and rewire your entire way of thinking.

The Buddhist Bomb, for example, leverages the power of awareness to freeze negative thoughts in their tracks before blasting them away. Better yet, you’ll discover how to trigger these tools with such ease that they become second nature!

“Negative thought patterns often stop us from being the best version of ourselves,” Dan told YCB. “But if you employ this simple, effective technology in your day-to-day life, not only are you going to help yourself become more fulfilled but also those around you.”

To bring it all together, Frances Trussell, best-selling author of You Are Not Your Thoughts: The Secret Magic of Mindfulness, will be the event’s guest speaker. One of the UK’s leading mindfulness meditation teachers, Trussell has helped hundreds of people live happier lives.

Save the Date: Saturday 21 July, 2 – 6 p.m., Court One, Kennington Courthouse

Ticket Price: £147 (includes fresh coffee, teas, cakes and snacks)

Early Bird Bonus: £99 for a limited time.

Learn more at happytech.tv or book your place in the Happiness Technology Seminar. Will we be seeing you there?


Amy Smith

With a degree in English Literature from the University of Cambridge, Amy is a freelance writer and columnist. At YCB Magazine, she writes about all things lifestyle, travel & wellness.

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