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If like us you started off the year with the best of intentions, maybe you’re also feeling a tad deflated at the thought of staying on the strict exercise and eating plan you initially set out to follow. We’ve all been there on January 2nd, full of beans and raring to go, but in reality the momentum only lasts a few weeks before we’re reaching for the wine and crisps instead of the hand weights.

You might even have given up your gym membership or had a wild night out and fallen off the wagon, but that doesn’t mean 2018 isn’t going to be your year! If you continue to make small changes that are easy to follow, then sticking to a healthy routine is almost foolproof.

It might be taking a stroll outside on your lunch break at work, because you just can’t face going to the gym in the evening. Or maybe it’s catching up with your bestie at your local yoga class to hold each other accountable, as well as have a gossip afterwards.

People often say exercising is the easy part, and it’s really our eating habits which determine our long term results. If you’re struggling to get into a good routine then why not get a little helping hand from Eat Zest to ease the pressure?

Meal-prepping is a real buzzword at the moment, and although we’d love to spend the weekend cooking and portioning up multiple meals for the week ahead, sometimes we just don’t have the time. But we’re determined to maintain a nutritionally balanced diet with no fuss, and these handmade gourmet meals from Eat Zest are just the ticket.

These handy little boxes are a cost effective way to buy pre-prepared, healthy time-saving food. For as little as £4 per meal you can get food that’s handmade, pre-portioned and specifically designed to help you smash your goals.

Whatever your aim, Eat Zest will prepare your meals to meet your macros but never scrimp on flavour, making each meal as tasty as the last. Developed by executive chefs with a passion for healthy food, these meals are nutritionally balanced, calorie controlled, high in protein and don’t rely on added salt, sugar, butter or cream for their flavour. This doesn’t mean they compromise on taste; cooked in rapeseed oil to reduce saturated fat content, they’re packed with the flavour, taste and quality you would find in your favourite restaurant…

Burn Meals

If your aiming to lose weight, then select the Burn meals. These are low in fat and carbohydrate but packed with high quality protein and will keep you full and satisfied. Never give in to those cravings again with a convenient ready made meal always on hand.

The Bulk Plan

If you want to gain muscle, opt for the Bulk plan. This offers great tasting meals which are high in protein as well as carbohydrate, and jam-packed full of nutrients to see you through a day at work as well as a heavy lifting session.

Balance Meals

Looking for an all round heathy option? Then chose the Balance meals. These contain a balanced split of protein and carbohydrates, delivering all the fuel you need to keep you happy, satisfied and energised on a daily basis.  

When you’ve selected your plan, just decide how many meals you need delivered to your door. You can also pick and choose exactly how many of each flavour you want, making sure you always have something you fancy on hand. Choose from delicious options such as Chargrilled Peppers & Goats Cheese, Chicken Katsu & Sticky Rice, BBQ Pulled Pork and Tandoori White Fish.

Once your order is placed it’s then passed to Eat Zest chefs who will carefully prepare each meal, and you’ll be notified of your expected delivery date. Your tasty package should be with you in just 48 hours. Don’t worry, all meals are packed in an insulated polystyrene box with ice packs keeping the meals cool until they reach your refrigerator or freezer.

The meals themselves will stay fresh for anything between between 3-5 days in the refrigerator but can be frozen for up to 3 months to keep your really ahead of the game food prep wise.

Now all you have to do is eat!

Fiona Reid

Fiona Thomas is a lifestyle blogger based in Birmingham. She graduated with a degree in Commercial Music where she snuck into several journalism classes and realised her real passion was writing. She had a successful career in management for several years before returning to her calling and started developing Fiona Likes to Blog, whilst working freelance for other websites. She is a keen advocate of positive body image, mental health awareness, fitness and wellbeing.

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