Home is Where the Heart Makes or Breaks

According to new research, an overwhelming number of British adults are put off a relationship after visiting a potential partner’s home. The retail interiors company, Furniture123.co.uk, were interested to see exactly how many people judged the state of their future boyfriend or girlfriend’s home and carried out a survey of 1,000 UK adults.

Although clutter and general untidiness was the number one turn-off, they found that over three quarters of those surveyed would also critique the fashion and interior decorating choices of their potential life partners, with a surprising 75% saying that poor taste would be a deal breaker for the relationship.

The majority of Brits said that general uncleanliness was enough to discourage them from continuing with a new relationship. A bad smell would deter them from any further dates with the person they were seeing and, much to no one’s surprise, a dirty toilet was an absolute no-no. 

Even if their house was relatively clean, an unmade bed and worn out furniture, however, would put a stop to the budding relationship for nearly three quarters of those interviewed. If their partner’s homes were also adorned with decor disasters – and we’re talking toilet rugs, carpeted walls and plastic-coated sofas – over 50% of people said they’d be running for the hills. Although there has been much discussion over the years about how old is too old for cuddly toys, 61% said that they would be turned-off if they saw a stuffed toy or blanket on the bed – so maybe there’s our answer! 

It seems to go without saying yet it continues to ruin relationships around the country – if you are looking to move forward with somebody, it is strongly advised that you remove all reminders of previous relationships. Over 50% of Brits said that seeing an ex’s belongings in the house would put an immediate end to any date.

Furniture123.co.uk were also keen to find out exactly why Brits were turned off by animal rugs and blow-up chairs. When the 1,000 Brits were quizzed on the reasons why the state of their potential other half’s home had such an influence, the majority said that the home is a reflection of who someone is as a person, proving just how important it is to make sure your home is in good shape.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at Furniture123.co.uk, was astonished by how many people were not only put off by an unclean house but by the style and personal taste of their potential partner’s home. He was interested to see the number of people that judged the interior design as well as the general untidiness.

Thankfully, there are some small changes that singletons can make in a bid to win the hearts of those that have made it into their homes. Above all, it is crucial to tidy up before inviting anyone, let alone a new love interest, into your humble abode and so some plug-in air fresheners and scented diffusers would never go amiss. Making the bed is an absolute must and be sure to get rid of your ex’s portrait hanging above the fire.

These are the top 10 turn-offs – what would put you off? Let us know in the comments below! 

  1. Clutter and general untidiness – 85%
  2. General uncleanliness – 83%
  3. A bad smell – 81%
  4. Dirty toilet – 80%
  5. An unmade bed – 76%
  6. Dirty clothes on the floor – 68%
  7. Tired or worn out furnishings – 66%
  8. General style and decoration- 63%
  9. Cuddly toys on the bed – 61%
  10. Signs of an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend – 59%
Emilia Bruce-Watt

Emilia is a recent English and American Literature graduate and a blogger for her own travel and lifestyle site, My Big Big World. If she isn’t planning her next foreign adventure, you can find her in the nearest coffee-shop, watching the latest blockbusters or signing up to yet another half marathon.

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