Motivation Monday: Don’t Dwell On One Bad Day


The course of life doesn’t run smoothly. There will always be times when something happens that we are not prepared for. But this should not mean that we should get disheartened and abandon the goal we have been focussing on.
Instead, we should learn to deal with whatever life has thrown at us, learn from it, put it behind us and then move on. This is also very true when trying to lose weight. We think that if we’ve eaten something bad, we may as well give up and demolish the whole packet of biscuits.

What we should do is focus on all the progress we have already made to help us move forward. So if you’ve had a bad day with your diet, draw a line under it, and get yourself back on the straight and narrow at the next meal.Don’t let one day kill your confidence and progress

Happy Monday!

Sabi Phagura

Sabi Phagura is Your Coffee Breaks resident fittness expert. She is an accredited fitness instructor, talented freelance journalist and a inspirational woman who once upon a time used to be overweight, but inspirationally turned her life around to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sabi has her own popular blog fitlass:

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