It Takes Two to Tango at the Historic Waldorf Hilton

The Waldorf Hilton

Elegant ambiance.  Fine food and wine.  A beautiful ballroom of a bygone era.

This is the type of setting that could please any first class passenger on the majestic MS Titanic. But you need not sit through three hours of the classic film to experience the grandeur of the ship. In fact, you can experience it first hand at the Waldorf Hilton.

It is most appropriate that this iconic hotel is found within London’s Theatreland district. After all, it was the Waldorf Hilton’s own Palm Court that inspired the ballroom of the actual Titanic, which was then further replicated in the movie.

You may have already even recognized this English Heritage-listed venue as the scene where Rose meets her ill-fated lover Jack for an evening of indulgent fare and thrilling dance.

How very appropriate, because you too can experience such rich cuisine and rousing entertainment through the Waldorf Hilton’s Tango Supper.

Close embrace. Cheek to cheek. Chests together. Arms and legs in one tight space.

For an era that expected women to be demure and proper, the Argentine Tango was a scandal but at the same time – an overnight sensation! The dance quickly gained popularity and the Waldorf Hilton was one of the first venues to host Tango Teas where Londoners could enjoy their afternoon tea along with lessons teaching the sultry dance.

And now again in 2012, the Waldorf Hilton will play host to a series of nights from October to December, where guests are invited to take a step back in time to celebrating the century since the Argentine Tango was first performed at the Waldorf Hilton.

At the beginning of each event, nervous guests can calm those pre-dance jitters with a complimentary glass of Fantinel Rosé. But try not to drink too much, as you’ll need full control once the music starts. For those who feel that they have two left feet, have no fear as you will have Argentine Tango professionals guiding you through each twirl, dip, and step!

After you’ve gotten your heart racing, cool down with the Tango Essence cocktail – courtesy of the Waldorf Hilton. Created by the hotel’s own mixologist, Daniel Carvalho, the cocktail is a blend of Martin Miller’s Gin, Mandarin Napoleon, forest tea, fresh lemon juice, vanilla sugar and a dash of rose water.

Guests will then sit for dinner whilst they watch their own instructors take to the floor with the heated Argentine Tango who encourage diners to take to the floor as well.

To conclude this evening of sensational revelry, guests won’t have to go far to rest their tired feet because their room at the Waldorf Hilton is waiting just above. There’s just no better feeling than resting on a freshly made bed and then waking up to find that a full breakfast is ready for you downstairs.

The Tango Supper ultimate package includes an overnight stay, two-course dinner, tango dance lesson and breakfast package and is priced at £390 for two people, based on two people sharing a standard Hilton guest room. There is also a two course dinner and tango dance lesson package, without accommodation, priced at £105 per person.

The fun and luxury of the Titanic lies on at the Waldorf Hilton Hotel. It’s all the pleasures of being a first class passenger like Rose… and don’t worry – the only ice that you’ll find here is in your drinks!

For further information visit and to make a reservation call +44 20 7836 2400


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