Pack Like a Pro! Tips for Filling Your Suitcase for Less

Whether it’s a girls’ holiday to Ibiza or a city break on your own, holidays are something we all look forward to. However, the constant checking of your bank account and asking yourself whether you can afford a 5th bikini isn’t something you want hanging over your head. 

The pre-holiday prep is always exciting but often stressful. Days off and weekends in the lead up to the trip are taken up by shopping trips and you soon become best friends with your local delivery driver as he drops off your last-minute purchases. 

Holidays are expensive – there are no two ways about it. The experts that developed price-drop alert tool, PIWoP, have provided us with their top tips to ensure you can fill your suitcase for less. 

Get Organised

It’s incredibly easy to get carried away when buying new clothes for your holiday. We tend to go overboard with the number of outfits we need and pack too many ‘back up options’ for those cloudy days; it can get out of hand. 

Creating a holiday schedule where you can plan outfits for each day will keep you organized, aware of what pieces you’re potentially missing and help to work out where you can afford to mix and match. If you go into your holiday with a day to day plan, not only will it make things much easier, but you’ll be able to be tighter with your budgeting by not buying unnecessary items.

Bring the sales to you

Sale shopping is always fun but it can also become a nuisance. Your inbox can become flooded with upcoming sale alerts and spam emails, most of which we tend to delete almost immediately. PIWoP allows you (once installed on your computer, tablet or phone) to set up lists for items you have had your eye on and the price you want to pay for each. You get an alert each time an item falls below its PIWoP (Price I Want to Pay) price. 

Rather than continually checking for price drops and scrolling though your emails in the lead up to your holiday, PIWoP saves your precious time as you only get notified when you can save money. 

Pack Smart 

Any heavy electrical items, such as hair dryers, that may tip the weight of your case over the airline’s limits will inevitably cost you money as you have to pay the additional fees. Always check the amenities already provided in your hotel room as often these kinds of things are already provided, saving you the aggravation of additional weight charges. The same can be said for toiletries like shampoo and conditioner. Don’t be fooled by the handy travel-size products at duty free, these tend to be severely overpriced; simply use what the hotel provides! 

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