A Property In Paradise – Buying A Villa In Tenerife’s Stunning Costa Adeje

Being able to enjoy near-constant sunshine, a relaxing atmosphere, and beautiful sights of idyllic coastlines and mountains, is something many of us only dream of. To have the opportunity to move to or purchase a plot of land in a location such as this, is a wonderful thing, but where is the best choice? There are hundreds of locations to choose from so how does one make that decision? 

A popular choice is to pick somewhere in the subtropics, as these areas experience the best amount of sunshine without being overwhelmingly hot. Combine this gorgeous weather with an island surrounded by the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean; scenic beaches; pleasant locals; and a wonderful array of amenities from bars to world-class restaurants, and you’ll find Tenerife.

Natural Beauty

This gorgeous Spanish island, which is the largest of the Canaries off the coast of Northwest Africa, is a popular hotspot for sun-seekers, and for good reason. Tenerife experiences more days of sunshine per year than most of the other top holiday spots in the whole world. You’ll find that people travel there all year round, experiencing pleasant weather no matter the season. The subtropical climate means that these islands are perfect for year-long sunshine, with very little cloud and rain. For a bit of variation, you can even find snowfall on the high peaks in Mount Teide National Park, which has also been designated as a “Starlight Tourist Destination”, meaning that the place is well known to offer near-unparalleled views of the night sky. Low levels of light pollution help to showcase the stunning skyscape above the Atlantic. 

Costa Adeje

Easily the most beautiful location on this island is Adeje. Making the best use of the weather, the southern part of the island experiences the least amount of cloud cover and rainfall and is therefore generally known to be the best option for catching the sun. Adeje is a municipality and is home to some of Spain’s most wonderful coastal towns. If you’re wondering what sorts of things you could get up to at this great spot, then you won’t be let down by a lack of activities. With golden sands for a relaxing day at one of the many southern beaches such as Playa del Duque or Troya Beach, you could while away the hours, enjoying the gentle lap of the waves with your favourite drink in hand, or opt for some more adventurous opportunities such as whale and dolphin watching, or watersports like hiring a jet ski or going parasailing. Whatever vibe you’re searching for, Costa Adeje can cater for you. 

Local Amenities

As this is such a popular spot for tourism, Tenerife is very well equipped with shopping, public transport, and for those looking to stay for longer, car rentals and dealerships. The promenades along Costa Adeje are rife with markets, restaurants, and cafes. The marketplaces are sure to draw you in with the sights and smells of local foods and produce, as well as the exquisite items made by local artisans. There are hundreds of restaurants, bars, and cafes to satisfy your food and drink desires, too. Ranging from places offering quick bites, to incredibly prestigious establishments. 

Along the beachfronts you’ll find coffee shops, tea rooms, and bars, where you can enjoy a refreshing drink whilst looking out across the stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. In terms of travel, getting around the island is very easy. Due to its compact size, it will only take you under an hour to travel from one side to the other via car. There is also the locally-named “guaguas”—public buses that connect you with nearly every town and city on the island. These are exceptionally useful if you’re aiming to find those more secluded hideaways and trails that only the locals know about, for a more adventurous experience. 

Choosing A Home

Now you know what Costa Adeje and Tenerife have to offer, you’ll want to begin thinking about your exciting new property. It’s well known that your favourite holiday destination will be one of the best places for you to buy property. It just makes sense. Whether you’re planning to live there permanently or use that spot as a regular getaway, a villa will be your very own slice of luxury and tranquillity away from the chaos of the modern world. You’ll want to look at resorts such as Abama, which have luxury these villas for sale in Costa Adeje. With a wide range of ready-made, beautifully constructed villas, you’ll be hard-pressed to choose a favourite. The sheer elegance of these luxurious builds, combined with their prime locations and stunning views make for a genuine, heavenly experience. If you’ve already got a vision for your home, however, there are also plots available if you’re looking for a clean slate. Buy a plot and create your unique new property, to add to the roster of beautiful villas. But what would a place like this be without some exclusive establishments to visit?

Exclusive Golf Course

Considered to be Spain’s best and most exclusive golf resort, Abama offers a carefully sculpted course with great attention to detail. Complete with palm trees, white sand bunkers and beautiful water features, all along a backdrop of the ocean and nearby islands, you’ll struggle to find a more peaceful place to play. And it’s not just golf that’s on offer. The resort is home to professional-grade tennis courts, complete with instructors. These courts have even been used for ITF and ATP Tour matches. Consider joining the Tennis Academy for some professional mentoring, no matter your level of skill.

Untouched Beach

Whilst Tenerife is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and it is worth taking a tour around the island to find your favourite spots, you might not have to search far for your top choice. The Abama resort has its very own personal and secluded beach, perfect for quiet and relaxing days under the sun. Enjoy the soft sands, surrounded by a border of awe-inspiring volcanic rock, whilst waiters provide you with drinks and towels. After soaking up some rays, you can then enjoy a refreshing swim in the calm, blue ocean waters. If you’re searching for some added excitement, consider getting on a boat and settling sail from the pier, or partaking in some aquatic activities such as kayaking, diving, or surfing to really get the blood pumping.

Gastronomical Marvels

What would a luxury resort be without great food? With nine different restaurants to sate your appetite, and two of those being Michelin-starred, you’ll be spoiled for choice. There’s something to suit everyone, so you’ll never be bored by the range on offer. For an exquisite, VIP feel, visit M.B, Martín Berasategui’s luxurious restaurant is dedicated to showcasing the world-renowned cuisine of the Basque country, situated in the North of Spain. With a true commitment to their authentic Basque-inspired menu, Chef Erlantz Gorostiza and their team will provide you with a breath-taking experience and will show you exactly why they’ve earned their two Michelin stars. For another fine-dining option in Tenerife, look at the Michelin star Restaurant Abama Kabuki located at the La Casa Club. This modern and luxurious restaurant offers a range of Japanese dishes for a memorable dining experience. 

If you’re searching for a spot of lunch in the shade, you’ll find Beach Club, overlooking Abama Resort’s private seafront. This relaxed bar and restaurant offers mouth-watering paellas and barbeque, as well as some very tempting cocktails. Or you can visit La Veranda for a breakfast buffet, including local fruits, fresh pastries, and hot dishes to prepare you for whatever the day might throw your way.

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