How You Can Prepare For Moving Your Family To The United Kingdom

If you’re planning on moving to the UK with your family, then there will most likely be a few different things you need to know beforehand. Here is a guide on what to know before moving over.

Sort Out Your Visas 

You can’t simply move to the UK without ensuring you can do so legally. The main way to do this, is to contact the government immigration department to sort out your visa. They will be able to inform you if you’re able to settle in the UK, and if not, what you will need to do to change that.

They have a range of different settlement visas, such as refugee protection and working visas, depending on your circumstances.

Plan Ahead And Research

As with any grand venture such as this, it’s very important that you plan well ahead of time, and research the move. Even understanding the culture and day-to-day life will serve you very well when it comes to living in the UK.

For example, whilst London may seem like a dream place to live, it’s important to know that the cost of living in the city is almost double to other cities. The most affordable place to live and settle is the north of the country. Although be prepared that It’s possible there will be less high paying job opportunities, although the area is rising.

Ensure All The Family Have Learned English

One big step to help ensure you and your family settle into the United Kingdom as quick as possible, is to make sure you all speak English. You’ll find many more opportunities open up to you when you can all speak and understand the language.

For adults, you’ll be able to navigate any issues to do with daily life with ease, and even be able to overcome then without effort. If any adults don’t yet have any work, then having a basic understanding of English opens up many doors, as even if you have the skills, not knowing English can be a big hinderance. 

One great way to learn the language, is to embark on online English lessons with a provider who not only speak the language but are qualified to teach. Online Lessons are one of the most popular choices available on the internet, as not only do they have a range of PGCE qualified native teachers, but they also offer lessons for GCSE and A Level subjects, in order to help pupils, catch up and be the best they can be.

These online providers also offer parents and the adults the opportunity to learn English, either together or individually. This is a great way for the family to learn the language before flying out to your new home.

Sort Out Things At Home

Speaking of home, you should sort out any issues with anything going on in your home country before you leave, in order to not disrupt anything further down the line. This could be any unpaid tax, or other bills that are outstanding. 

If you leave these bills alone, then you run the risk of not being able to return to your country without the fear of being arrested. Some businesses will also be able to contact you in your new country still, as they are international, so you won’t be able to run away from your problems.

You should create yourself a checklist of everything to consider before leaving, in order to put yourself in the best position possible.

If you have a pet, you should be aware that the United Kingdom has rules on the importing of pets and other animals, so you should check well ahead of time. Otherwise, you will have to find a new home for your pet in your home country. 

Look At Housing

Despite being a small country, the UK actually has a varied range of places you can live. Unless you’re moving to a specific location for job related reasons. You will have free reign in where you choose to live.

You can go for a newbuild townhouse in a populated city, such as London or Leicester, or you could go for cottage in the Welsh mountains. The UK has four different countries, of very different cultures, so have a look around at where you think will work for you.

Consider Your Healthcare

You may or may not be aware of the UK’s NHS, which is the publicly-owned health service of the kingdom, known as the national health service.

It is free for those who live in the UK, and also free for EU nationals who hold an EHIC card, otherwise known as European health insurance card. The service is there for you and your family to have the right to health cover. With that said, you can also hake out your own health insurance.

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