Why are Villas Better than Hotels for Large Families?

Whether you are looking to travel during the summer or winter months, there are many fabulous holiday destinations that you can visit. If you and your family are looking for a memorable trip abroad this year or next, then why not try out a relaxing villa holiday? When you have a large family it can be difficult to book hotel rooms close together and gather by the hotel pool every day. However, with a villa rental, you can easily spend more time together whenever you’d like! It really is the holy grail of a successful family getaway, especially so when traveling with young children. You can all chill out, enjoy the spacious grounds, claim your own space and you don’t have to fret when breakfast is served.

There are many more benefits of booking a villa over a hotel such as flexible accommodation options and improved privacy. Villas are one of the great recommendations when you are planning the perfect girls’ holiday too or traveling with big groups! If you have never considered staying at one before, then here are some great benefits of staying at one.

1. You can work to a flexible schedule

As much as staying in a hotel might be ideal, you are often limited to a specific schedule depending on your package. For instance, there are often specific check-in times, pool and gym opening hours, and breakfast buffet times. Therefore, if you choose to sleep in you will probably end up missing breakfast!

Being able to have a flexible schedule is just one of the many benefits of booking a villa stay. As you have access to your own pool, kitchen, and living space, you are able to do what you want when you please. You can create your own meal times and spend some quality time with your family without following strict deadlines. 

2. There are many personalisation options 

As much as you would want to personalise a hotel room, you will be forced to do it at a fee. Well, you can personalise your stay for your family by choosing the best villa that suits everyone. For instance, if you are travelling with infants and toddlers, you can get a villa rental with baby cots to suit your family’s sleeping needs. 

In the big debate of villas vs hotels, villas can offer a lot more options than hotels can. For villas, you can personalise your stay and choose a villa that meets the accommodation needs of everyone in your family without any hassles. With a hotel stay for a large family, you would be forced to pay for more rooms and the family would often be separated during the entire vacation.  

3. There is increased privacy compared to hotel stays

Don’t you hate it when you book a hotel and everyone is staring at you when enjoying your breakfast or visiting the hotel pool? Even worse, you can’t enjoy the privacy of your own room in the hotel because of noisy guests in the other rooms. Well, these holiday distractions will be gone if you opt for luxury villas thailand for your family’s accommodation rather than a hotel. Here, you can count on the best privacy. A villa is a property with its own land and enough space so you can enjoy your villa holiday without running into other guests. While there might be other villas nearby with guests, at least you won’t be a thin hotel room wall away from them!

Noisy corridors and people slamming hotel room doors are just some of the many things people hate about hotels. You can always avoid this with a villa stay as you can properly enjoy your own personal space. You won’t even need to fight strangers for the last sun lounger by the pool, just your own family! If you are looking for a relaxing holiday for your family, a villa is the best way to do it. 

4. You can relax more when you are at a home away from home

One of the best things about staying at a holiday villa is it’s just like a home away from home (well, almost…). You and your family will be able to enjoy a quiet relaxing stay away from other guests and enjoy being together. No matter where you choose to travel, there is always a comforting home-like villa for you and your family to stay at. 

One downside to hotel stays is that you and your family are often confined to your hotel room on an evening. With a villa, you will have a large amount of space to either spend time together as a family or spend some time apart. While the kids are indoors watching tv, you and your partner can enjoy the sunset outside on the patio. While someone tends the barbecue, others can relax on a sun lounger with their favourite book. For families looking for a peaceful and tranquil holiday abroad, a villa is the best gift for the whole family to enjoy. 

Riya Sander

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