How to Plan the Perfect Girls’ Holiday

Are you planning a girls’ weekend/week away? If so, good for you — a holiday away with your bffs is a perfectly perfect way to let go of the stresses of everyday life, hang out and laugh, all whilst enjoying some quality time with your mates. Whether your girl gang hails from high school, summer camp or that year interning abroad, you’re all most likely living adult lives now, and so choosing a weekend is like putting together an intricate puzzle. But don’t fret! Here are a few tips to keep in mind. 

Plan in Advance

Depending on where you want to travel to, you may want to start planning your holiday as much as a year in advance to ensure you’re all free and that you don’t wind up paying extortionate prices. Agree on a five-day break that you’re all available for and this will help you narrow down where you can travel to, without being limited to where is left with enough rooms. 

Decide on a Budget 

Whether you want to go all out, or you want to travel on a shoestring budget, there are plenty of options to ensure you have a great time. For example, you can plan a trip in Europe for more of a budget-friendly holiday on the beach, such as in Spain or Greece, or you could splash out on a week in New York or Las Vegas for a memorable trip visiting the casinos with expert bookmaker help or exploring the sights. Knowing what you have to spend will make it easier to work out where you want to visit and what is affordable. 

Plan in Key Events…

Once you have chosen a destination, the real fun begins – planning where you want to visit. You can be as organised or as casual as you want, and there are certainly benefits to both approaches. The main thing to remember is to accommodate everyone’s interests so that you’re not spending the whole trip doing the same type of activities. It makes it more interesting to have a mix of shopping, sightseeing and experiences, and means that everyone’s tastes are catered to. You’re never going to please everyone all of the time, but keeping the itinerary varied will ensure that everyone has something to look forward to. 

…But Be Flexible

Don’t track every minute of the holiday, planning in events and activities without factoring in downtime. Everyone wants time to relax on holiday and you may also find things during your time in the location that you want to try, so leave spare time for these occurrences. Spontaneity is important on holiday, particularly when you’re travelling as part of a group, and often it is these moments that wind up being the most enjoyable and memorable of the whole holiday. 

Make Memories

Take too many photographs (you can always delete them later, but the chance to take them will only be there once) and create a spotify playlist before you go that you can listen to on the journey there. It’s these bonding moments that really set a trip apart as special and will always give you a bout of nostalgia when you return home. 

Riya Sander

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