Reasons Why You Will Benefit More from a Serviced Apartment than a Hotel

In the midst of planning your next getaway? As you start searching the web for a place to stay on your next trip with your family or your bffs, you do not need to settle for a hotel room right away. Although there are a lot of hotels available, they are not the only place where you can have a comfortable stay. You might also want to consider serviced apartments, and here are just some of the reasons why these can be way better than the usual hotel stay.

You will have more space

Usually, hotel rooms are less spacious than apartments. Although bigger hotel rooms are available, they come with a hefty price. Therefore, you end up settling for a small room which is not as large as the rooms in serviced apartments.

You can stay with more people

The problem with hotels is that regular rooms usually have a limit of only two people per room. You are lucky if they also allow one child to be with you in the room. If more people are going with you on the trip, you need to pay an extra amount to accommodate them in the same room; otherwise, you would have to book more than one room and spend a lot more. With serviced apartments, you can find spacious options that do not limit the number of people who can stay inside

Cheap rooms

When you are planning a trip, you start to worry that your budget will not be enough to cover all of the expenses. Therefore, you need to find a way to cut the cost whenever possible. Choosing serviced apartments over regular hotel rooms is an excellent choice since you can find a lot of cheap options, without sacrificing the quality of services you are getting.

Easy to reserve

Most people opt for hotels as soon as they plan their trip. When you decide to go on a trip during the holiday season, you will feel frustrated because almost all of the hotels are fully booked. It might be close to impossible for you to get one that matches your preference. However, it is easy to find a serviced apartment. You can reserve it right away and not worry about where you are going to stay during the trip.

You can cook and do the laundry

Most hotels do not allow you to cook. There are no facilities available for cooking apart from a water heater and microwave oven in some instances. Apartments usually have a kitchen with cooking equipment you can use. If not, you can use the shared kitchen for cooking. You can also use another area to do your laundry. Therefore, if you are staying for long and you wish to do the laundry or cook the meals yourself, you would be better off with a serviced apartment.

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