Things to Do with Your Host Family to Enjoy Your Homestay

Being with a host family when you are abroad on a student exchange programme or au pair journey will help you stay happy, hopefully comfortably safe and stress-free. You are away from your real family for now, and so your host family are the only people whom you can call your family throughout the programme.

You are sure to be lucky if you decide to choose one of the many homestays in London during your year as an exchange student. Picking one from this list you have the chance to still feel at home even when your real home is many miles away.

You want to maximise the opportunity to be with a host family by doing fun things with them in order to have a pleasant and memorable experience. As a result, we share some fin ideas for some serious bonding time!

Do some cooking together

You can learn how to cook popular English dishes with them while you are there. When you get back home after the programme, you can also teach your family what you learned. You might also want to show your host family a dish that you make at home. It could be fun for all of you.

Travel new places together

You cannot go home without visiting the various sites in London. You can go there alone, but it would be more fun if you are with your host family to strengthen your bond. They know these places, and they can show you around. They might even take you to other fun travel destinations you do not know of

Share stories with them

It is great having the chance to exchange fun stories with your host family. In the process, you allow yourself to be open with them all whilst they will get to know you better. You share your culture and traditions back home. They will also do the same, and you can learn a lot from the conversation. Apart from fun stories, do not hesitate to tell your deep emotions to them. Again, they are your family while you are away from your real home. You need to learn how to tell them what you feel or else you will shoulder the burden alone

Study together and help out with homework

If your host family has kids, you can take time to study together. You might have skills and academic knowledge that you can impart to them. They could also teach you English to help improve your skills. Besides, studying is not fun, but when you do it with others, it can be exciting.

Keep in touch with them

You will share a lot with your host family throughout your programme, and you will definitely miss them once you have to go home. It does not mean though that your relationship is over, you cannot keep communicating with them. By now, they are already a big part of your life. You can head back to London someday and revisit them

When you have problems with your host family, you can let them know so you can resolve the issues right away. You also need to get to know them before the programme commences so that you already know what to expect upon arrival. 

You can decide to host some of the members of the host family in the future and return the favour should they choose to come to your country.

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