Lifestyle Exotic Hotel vs Casino Resort Hotel

El Paredon, a coastal village that quickly became popular for surfing in Guatemala, recently welcomed a Surf and Lifestyle boutique hotel, called Swell. This 8-suite hotel is nestled upon a beach with untouched volcanic black sand. The hotel’s inspiration is a barefoot boho-chic retreat, designed to be elegant for laid back travelers with refined taste.

Meanwhile, Casino de Jeux du Luxembourg can be considered an example from Europe. In short, Casino de Jeux du Luxembourg is an one-stop location for people who would want to enjoy themselves and have fun. The casino is an event space, fully equipped with modern sound and light technology, reception spaces, a hotel with 28 rooms and 3 suites, a Villa, gastronomic and buffet restaurant, music & lounge bistro, 4 bars and a staff willing to help and make visitors comfortable. 

The Creation of Swell

Arhitect Elan Ibghy and designer Marie Bonnefond have blended the contemporan with a touch of rustic elegance. By looking after the place, you will see a contrasting polished concrete geometry with local craftsmanship, with natural wood textures and colourful Guatemalan textiles.

The place encourages pure relaxation, through careful space and natural materials, animated by hammocks and cozy nooks within an exotic-tropical garden.

The entrance of the hotel is dominated by the locally inspired thatched palm roof. The entrance immediately leads the guests to a stylish indoor-outdoor lounge area with handcrafted wooden sofas and swings. The lounge area also has an inviting bar of locally sourced Guanacaste wood.

The furniture’s aesthetic is contemporary, designed by the owners themselves, it was also handcrafted by a talented local carpenter. The furniture exudes a modern elegance to the main space. The environment where guests can sit and relax, have natural textures and exotic touches.

The Setting of the Casino

Casino de Jeux du Luxembourg is probably the only fully integrated entertainment centre in Europe. It happened to be very comparable to the casinos in Las Vegas, not by the size, but by implementing one strategic rule: welcoming the guests in gaming spaces. The Casino de Jeux du Luxembourg is able to combine a lot of good ideas that are around Europe. Even though the casino is 20 km away from the closest cities in France and Luxembourg, the casino is able to attract half a million visitors every year. Casino de Jeux du Luxembourg is located in the Southeast of Luxembourg, near the French border and it is only a few km away from Germany as well.

Casinos are well connected to the Internet, as an example Casino de Jeux du Luxembourg is following the new trends. When Facebook became popular, the casino has set up a social media strategy. In 2018, the casino added their personal website, which facilitated a link between static/direct internet and continued to engage an interaction with social media. However, the casino doesn’t have an online platform for playing games, like online slots.  

The Setting of Swell Lifestyle & Surf Hotel

The hotel is set between a tropical garden and a cozy lounge area. The guests are greeted by an impressive 20 meters turquoise-blue swimming pool, which is surrounded by a deck of natural pine wood. The arhitectural signature of the hotel, is a series of polished white structural elements. These elements are able to animate one side of the pool. The animation seems poetical, as in it articulates the 4 Swim-Up Suites.

Swell Surf & Lifestyle Hotel gives an oasis-like beach atmosphere, offering an array of colourful bougainvilliers, hibiscus, lemon trees and a wide variety of palms. Several murals are also present. They are created by the artists Pepallama & Thomas Meissner. The murals present a geometric and tropical animation to the hotel’s communal spaces, which gives an exotic laid-back vibe of the overall environment.

Last Words

The combination of authentic beach with black sand, an untouched exotic landscape and a traditional palm thatched architecture, makes the small fishing village of El Paredon, as possibly one of Guatemala’s most interesting, and least known travel destination.

Swell Surf & Lifestyle Hotel is a result of a collaborative work between Elan Ibghy, a McGill graduate of Architecture from Montreal, and Marrie Bonnefond, interior designer from the south of France. This couple’s vision brought them to the Guatemala’s beach three years ago. After one and a half years of construction, their dream project, Swell opened its doors in September 2018.

Meanwhile if people want a less exotic place yet to still have the best travel memories, choosing a place from Europe could hit the spot. Casino de Jeux du Luxembourg is just one example of a place surrounded by European places and cities.      

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