The Best Krakow Bars to Go to on Your Stag Do!

If you are looking for the best place to visit to celebrate a stag party, Krakow offers all the excitements of a city packed with nightlife options in a culturally beautiful location.

With its old-world ambiance and charm, Krakow is one of the prettiest cities in Poland, no doubt, and it’s the country’s main tourist destination as well.

Krakow has some of the best bars that sells some of the most premium quality vodkas and beers. Some of the major tourist attractions are the many interesting and cultural bars, clubs and restaurants in the area. It is a small yet striking medieval old town with hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs that can easily be explored by foot. This makes it a brilliant destination for stag parties.

Poland is one of the countries known for its production of high quality beers and vodkas. and so it makes it an ideal location to enjoy these fine and cheap beverages. It is also a versatile city too, so you can find many upscale luxurious restaurants and bars to treat yourselves in.  

You will find that many of Krakow’s bars are underground – this adds to the city’s feeling of enticing excitement!

Most of Krakow bars are busy throughout the day. They will usually serve coffee and food early during the daytime, before becoming more lively and providing a nightlife venue and party atmosphere in the evenings. Most bars close between 2am and 3am, while you can continue to party the night away in their night clubs that are generally open till 6am.

There are many places you can visit that represents Poland’s interesting history. Some of their bars and pubs are so culturally rich, that the experience is quite enchanting!  

We have discovered that some of the best bars in Krakow are;

1. Forum Przestrzenie

2. Tytano

3. Mercy Brown

4. Club Re

5. House of Beer

6. Absynt

7. Propaganda

You will be sure to enjoy some of the best Polish cultural drinks in any of these venues.  

These bars are all filled with friendly and knowledgeable English speaking staff, who will be able to help you in trying some of the countries most interesting cocktails.    

While you are here, be sure to try some of Poland’s delicious and unique traditional foods and snacks. Don’t forget to try one of Poland’s oldest traditional beverages called ‘Miód Pitny’ or in English- ‘Mead’. With its origin dating back over a thousand years, this drink made of fermented honey and water is a must try to fully experience Krakow. If you enjoy learning about different cultures and cuisines be sure you check out this interesting traditional drink at any of the best Krakow bars.  

To ensure you enjoying your stag party in Krakow it’s good to know some important information about its city too.  

Although most venues accept payment by credit or debit card -not all of them do. So be sure you have plenty of zloty, this is the name of polish currency which, pleasantly. means ‘golden’!

When paying your bill in Krakow, the locals usually tip by just leaving their loose change. However, be aware that when you are paying, if you say; “Dziękuje” or even “Thank you” in English, this means that you do not want your change back!

Luckly, for our stag do party goers, smoking is still allowed inside buildings. This is not the case outside of the city.

Be aware also that drinking outside in public areas is prohibited by law and you can be fined if you are caught. So make sure your party sticks together and inside of whichever bar you are parting in!

Another great thing about Krakow is that free wifi is practically everywhere even in some of the very old buildings! This means that your calls and messages home to the wife-to-be will be free!

It has been said that in Krakow, partying is meant for the night while sightseeing is meant for the day. And there is plenty of that to do also! The city has many famous attractions, again conveniently, all within walking distance. Be sure not to leave without first seeing the Black Madonna and the Old Town Warsaw!


If you are planning a stag party for yourself or your mate, a Krakow stag do is simply a wonderful idea! Everything you need to enjoy some memorable nights on the town are readily available in this small, picturesque city. It’s small size means you won’t have to spend a lot of money on transportation within the city. Also, due to the country being a distiller of beer and vodka, drinks in this area are cheap.   

When you are not partying, there are many interesting and historical places to visit and rich culture to appreciate. It will certainly be a trip that neither groom nor the groomsmen will ever forget, “Na zdrowie!” ( Cheers!)

Riya Sander

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