Countries Where Immigration Is Easy

If you could choose one place on the map to travel to and thrive, where would you go…?

Most of us don’t even bother answering this question because we are already convinced that we don’t have much of a choice and that we will end up in a country compatible with our employment and visa. If you’re lucky, your chosen country is on the list of the top countries that are easy to settle into. To make the whole immigration process more manageable, you may consider hiring an immigration lawyer.

For many years, the USA has been known to be the land of opportunities and of the free (think New York City and the glitz and glam of Los Angeles, the city of angels…), but because of the current political situation, it can’t exactly make the list this time.

As most developed countries are currently reducing the number of immigrants they let in, immigration is becoming increasingly difficult, especially for proving legitimate marriage. Unless you have advanced knowledge on Oakland DACA dream act or getting help of lawyers for immigration claims or a green card lawyer, it will be very difficult for you to get a visa in a highly developed country. Having an immigration attorney to guide you will increase your chances of getting your visa.

All of the countries mentioned in this article offer incredible advantages to people hoping to become a citizen. Some of these countries are not highly developed, but they offer considerable benefits.

Countries where immigration policies are easy:

1. Canada is known to be the most immigrant-friendly country in the world. It features beautiful scenery, as well as excellent healthcare and education system. The country doesn’t have a lot of crime and there`s hardly any violence. Canadians are well-mannered people, and they support immigrants adjusting to their new homes.

2. Uruguay is a small country in South America, however, it has some of the best national healthcare of any country on the continent. It is also one of the cleanest countries there, with very low pollution rates. To obtain residency in Uruguay, you need to follow a couple steps and the applications typically take 1-2 years to process.

3. Amazing, green Ecuador located right at the equator has a low cost of living and uses US dollars as its currency. After twenty-one months of residency, you can apply for a citizenship and then provide all the needed paperwork to be able to pass the Ecuadorian citizenship test and interview.

4. Another beautiful South American country is Argentina where the population density is just 15 people per square kilometre. Because of its good standard of living, it became one of the top spots to immigrate. You just have to fulfill the minimum monthly income criteria to become eligible for settling down in Argentina.

5. The largest country in South America, Brazil is known for being very kind and accommodating to outsiders. The quickest ways to obtain residency in Brazil is to marry a Brazilian national or have a child with one, being a well-known researcher or scientist, showing proof of a fixed monetary income, or investing a significant amount of money into the country. Another way to apply and obtain citizenship is to live in Brazil for a period of fifteen years as a resident. However, it is possible to reduce this time.

6. Svalbard is a large collection of islands north of Norway, with a population of approximately 2,667. There’s no need for a visa or any kind of permit, so anyone can move to Svalbard. Because this is a very expensive place to live in, you will have to prove your income. That`s the only requirement they have in Svalbard, due to the conditions they take unemployment and homelessness seriously.

7. Out of all the nations in the EU, Bulgaria has one of the easiest residency and citizenship programs. The process of citizenship takes about eighteen months, and you don’t have to live in Bulgaria if you don’t want to. Instead of buying property you can buy government bonds and you will get your investment back in 5.5 years.

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