Guide to Visiting Dubai in December

Dubai is a city of man-made islands, the world tallest building, enormous shopping centres, a vast desert, sea adventures and a rich culture. In short, it’s got something for everyone!

It may, however, come as some surprise that many people’s favourite month to visit Dubai is December. During this time, temperatures range between a sun-bathe worthy 23C and 28C, whereas night temperatures are still warm enough to sit out and enjoy the moonlight, usually between 15C and 18C. Best of all, it’s a fabulous excuse to escape the nail-bitingly cold temperatures of a British winter!

If you’re considering a trip to Dubai in December then keep reading for our top tips for making it a holiday to remember.

Book early

Dubai receives thousands of visitors during the festival period, so be sure to book your accommodation and various attractions early.

Alcohol restrictions

Most pubs, bars and restaurants are allowed to sell alcohol. However, the Islamic religion of most of the residents forbids taking alcohol. It is therefore wise to avoid being overly drunk as you might attract negative attention from residents.

Dress code

Casual clothing is allowed at various locations in the city. However, when visiting religious and official sites, wear attire that covers your shoulders and knees. Moreover, only wear bikinis around pool areas and the beach.

Where will you stay?

There is a plethora of luxurious and budget accommodation options, depending on your budget. You can also stay at Airbnb locations that are scattered across the city.

Some of the largest luxury hotels include Burj Al Arab, Kempinski, Al Qasr, The Palm, Ritz Carlton and One and Only Royal Mirage, among others. The most popular budget hotels include Radisson Blu Hotel, Amwaj Rotana Jumeirah Beach, Carlton Downtown, and Crowne Plaza Dubai.

If you’re visiting the city over Christmas, be sure to check out each of the hotel’s websites to see what events are being held to celebrate.

What will you pack for your visit?

In addition to packing the essentials, pack some lightweight clothing and a jacket just in case it gets cold in the evening. Also, pack lightweight cardigans for evenings, casual and comfortable shoes. Carry sunscreen cream to keep away the sun’s UV rays, in addition to a hat, sunglasses and swimsuit.

Don’t forget to bring along your travel camera, any prescriptions or any medication that you may be taking, originals and copies of your travel documents, as well as your credit cards. The copies of your travel documents may come in handy if you lose the original copies.

What places will you visit?

The amount of things to do and see in Dubai can seem a little overwhelming at first, but here are some of our favourites:

Burj Khalifa: This 825m high structure is an engineering marvel. Step to its observatory deck and enjoy panoramic views of the city. There are several other activities in the building, including swimming and live shows.

Garden Glow: This recreational park has a different theme every season. It has a stunningly beautiful landscape with a wonderful show of lights during the day and night. There are also tons of trees and flowers that make the park cool and fresh.

Skydive: Skydiving is one of the most popular aerial sports in Dubai. Let go of all the fears and skydive off great heights. You will have an instructor to take charge of the free fall. From this great height, you will have amazing views of Jumeirah Palm and the Arabian Desert, along with the expanse of the sea.

Dhow cruise: Get a taste of the Middle East tradition by cruising around Dubai in a wooden dhow used in middle ages. The two-hour cruise gives you beautiful sights of both the sea and the city.

Desert safari: Transverse the expansive Arabian desert aboard the sand buggies or quad bikes. Also, you can take guided camel rides. You will have a chance to taste authentic Arabian delicacies, get henna tattoos and watch the beautiful belly dancers as they do their thing.

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