Raising Expectations: The Impact of Independent Retailers on Wembley Park’s Rent-Ability

In London, independent places to eat and drink are creating their own distinct vibe. At Wembley Park, one independent coffee shop in particular is adding to the area’s attraction to Londoners looking for something different. Those travelling to and from Wembley Park and those living there are quickly realising what the booming independent coffee shop sector can add to their mornings. And their afternoons and evenings, for that matter!  

The vast development work being master-planned by Quintain at Wembley Park covers 85 acres and includes housing (up to 7,500 new homes in total), retail and commercial premises. In the next couple of months, 295 new apartments at Landsby, managed by Quintain’s lifestyle-led rental company Tipi, open their doors to the public, as does a new 2,000-capacity theatre and London’s largest Boxpark, which will house a selection of some of the best independent and established food traders from across London and around the world, as well as an impressive events schedule.

A key part of the area’s appeal to residents comes from the quality of the local food and drink scene. Independent eateries have sprung up showcasing tastes from all corners of the globe, both in fixed retail units and as stalls dotted around the buzzing Market Square. They include Black Sheep Coffee, which is turning the traditional view of a coffee shop on its head. In an effort to expand on the independent food and beverage offering throughout Wembley Park, Black Sheep Coffee was selected to open its doors along Olympic Way, as opposed to other mainstream coffee shops that registered interest in this prime position.

Flatmates from uni, co-founders of Black Sheep Coffee, Gabriel and Eirik have made it their mission to #LeaveTheHerdBehind and reimagine the way that we think about coffee. They spend their year travelling to plantations, monitoring the growing, picking and drying process and sharing their success with local farmers. The result is a series of superb and unique coffees:

“Whether it be our famous Robusta Revival (the first and only Specialty-grade 100% Robusta on the market), or our delicious Blue Volcano from a plantation in Papua New Guinea at the flank of an active volcano, all our coffees have a unique story to tell.”

Just as Black Sheep Coffee is challenging the establishment, Tipi is spearheading a new take on rented homes, as part of their #RentalRebellion at Wembley Park. It includes deposit-free and fee-free renting, utilities included, roof terraces with views across London, free tickets to Wembley events and furniture that residents can choose from a bespoke collaboration with John Lewis. Food and drink also play a central role, with each building  featuring a huge shared kitchens (in addition to each apartment’s own kitchen), which is available to host everything from pizza nights to supper clubs.

Tipi Managing Director Rajesh Shah comments:

“Experiential living is becoming more and more important. It’s driving change in the way we think about the rental homes that we provide and it’s becoming an increasingly important factor in terms of an area’s rent-ability in residents’ eyes.”

And it is there that Wembley Park in particular is winning. The independent retailers such as Black Sheep Coffee that have popped up across the area are the icing on the cake for many residents who have already been attracted by the fantastic apartments and excellent connectivity.

Tipi resident Aygul Zagidullina observes:

“I love to eat out with my family. At Wembley Park, the variety of flavours from around the globe is fantastic and provides a very enriching experience as part of the overall lifestyle. The diversity of independent retailers available definitely add to the area’s charms and makes it a more desirable place to rent a home. I’m really looking forward to Boxpark opening later this year and seeing what food and drink it has to offer.”

Further details of life at Wembley Park can be found at www.tipi.london!

Amy Smith

With a degree in English Literature from the University of Cambridge, Amy is a freelance writer and columnist. At YCB Magazine, she writes about all things lifestyle, travel & wellness.

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