Keep Everyone Entertained With These 9 Road Trip Games

Whether you’re part of a rideshare on your commute to work, or have an upcoming journey with family or friends, road trips can be dull and tiring. However it doesn’t need to be! Not if you are properly prepared. A fun playlist, snacks for the little ones, making sure the car you are using are suited for your traditional strollers so that there won’t be any disappointments when getting the car ready…. That as well as fun games to keep everyone entertained can make all the difference! 

Luckily, we teamed up with GoCompare and together we put together a list of 9 awesome games to keep everyone entertained. Yay! 

From testing your memory with ’Alphabetical Categories’ to testing your acting skills with ‘Doctor Dolittle’, there’s an option for every age group, relationship and sense of humour.

The road trip games need very little or no equipment, and they are also all completely free – so really, everyone’s a winner!

1. Alphabetical Categories

This game can be played by any number of players (as long as there’s more than one!) and relies on a great memory to be the winner. Someone picks a category, like ‘fruit’, and players go round naming things alphabetically within that category, until someone either can’t think of something or forgets what’s been said.

2. Would You Rather?

A word of advice: keep the questions appropriate for your car companions! One player asks the others to choose from two equally bizarre situations, and they then have to choose which they would prefer.

3. Doctor Dolittle

Animal lovers unite for this kooky car game, in which one player acts out the creature of their choice, including sounds, behaviour and (as much as possible in a car seat) how they appear. The others must then guess just which animal the player is trying to be.

4. Two Truths and a Lie

This is the game for your group if you want to find out some hidden facts about each other. Each player thinks of two truths and a lie about themselves and the other players must guess correctly to earn the point. Hint: be sneaky about when you say the lie…

5. Sorry I’m Late

The age recommendation is a little higher for this one, and is suited to a more cultured, mature group. One player must give an excuse for why they’re late based on a film plot, and the player to correctly guess the film it’s based on wins the point.

6. Where Am I?

A perfect game if you’d rather be anywhere else than stuck in the car. One player describes a location without saying where it is, and the others must guess it based on the description and by asking questions. You can get creative with this one, using smells, sights and sounds to hint at the location you have in mind.

7. Who Can’t Draw?

This game does require a smartphone, and for you to download the ‘Who Can’t Draw?’ app, but as we all know drawing is extremely cathartic, making it a perfect pastime on a stressful journey. One player is assigned a word and must draw it within a strict time limit, and wins points for correct guesses by the other players of what it is.

8. Scramble

Test your language skills by finding as many anagrams as possible in two minutes. The driver calls out a street name or signpost and the others must rearrange the letters to make as many words as possible, with different lengths of words scoring different amounts of points. This game will need paper and a pencil.

9. Heads Up

If you find yourself wondering what people did when they were bored before smartphones, download the ‘Heads Up’ app as a great alternative to pen and paper. The first player holds their phone on their forehead so that they can’t see what it says but the others can, and the others give clues as to what the word is on the screen. Play continues until the first player either guesses correctly or gives up.

Car Journeys can be a drag, and depending on your car model, the number of people crammed in and whether the aircon is working, they can also be uncomfortable and cramped. Boredom, being stuck in the car, and a trip taking longer than expected are all common pet hates of any journey.

While you can’t alleviate the need for travelling at some points, you can at least keep yourself entertained with a selection of road games, collected and explained by GoCompare here. Ranging from the silly to the tactical, there’s something for everyone.

Charlotte Giver

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