Inexpensive Ways of Exploring World-Famous Holiday Destinations in 2017

There is little dispute about the fact that travelling easily can become an expensive affair, especially when you dream about discovering some of the most captivating and exorbitant destinations across the globe.

However, just because places such as New York and Singapore are expensive, it doesn’t mean you should remove them from your travel bucket-list. Rather than deleting these destinations from your ‘must-visit holiday destinations’ list you should do your homework and then plan your trip intelligently. In fact, all travel enthusiasts worldwide follow this approach in spite of thinking about calling off their plans of discovering new beautiful places. Have the guts to live your dreams and bring all those ideas in to life that seem impossible initially. Nothing is impossible in this world if you dare to dream big. This is an advice to all the travellers out there that keep adding new places to their travel list to uncover the world’s most alluring destinations.

Here are some crucial tips on how to enjoy travelling to the most exorbitant holiday destinations in inexpensive ways.

Singapore – One of The Most Beautiful Places In Asia

If you have been dreaming about exploring Singapore for a long time but haven’t had the courage to plan a trip just yet because you feel that it’s a highly expensive place, we hear you but still think it’s time to give wings to your dreams. Singapore is one of the most sparkling cities in the world, and it has plenty of things to offer to holidaymakers.

If you are travelling to Singapore from countries like the US, the UK or Australia make sure that you book your flight tickets well in advance if you want to ignore paying a high price at the very last moment. This is one of the first steps towards saving money and having a great holiday experience. Another important thing to keep in mind while planning a trip to Singapore is that you opt for 3- star to 4-star hotels rather than going for five-star hotels. When it comes to holiday trips, you spend maximum money on transportation and accommodation, and if you can manage to find the right solution for that half of your problems will be solved. When it comes to selecting your attractions in the city can you can visit a lot of places wherein you do not have to pay any entry fee.

In addition to that, you should try to identify the quality and inexpensive fast-food joints and restaurants in the city so that you can save money. Some of the best restaurants in Singapore which offer delicious foods include Tomi Sushi ( 238 Thomson Road, #02-77 Novena Square, Velocity, Velocity Novena Square), and Little Hiro (559 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269695). In addition to that, we suggest you try Saizeriya ( 177 River Valley Rd, #02-22 Liang Court, Liang Court, Singapore) and Andre Restaurant.

Most of the travellers like to visit this city when it hosts the Singapore Grand Prix, because that’s the time when it looks its best.

Hong Kong – It Has Plenty To Offer

Another attractive holiday destination in Asia which is considered as highly expensive but incredibly beautiful place to go visit is Hong Kong. However, many people often think twice before they plan any holiday trip to Hong Kong. If you want to save money, make sure that you take affordable flights and travel economy class. Book your hotels way in advance so that you can get some exciting deals. If you book the right 3-start or 4-start hotels in off season, you may get truly enticing deals. Some of the best hotels wherein you can book your rooms in Hong Kong during your stay at affordable rates include OZO Wesley Hong Kong, Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong Kowloon East (near Tiu Keng Leng metro station), Nathan Hotel Hong Kong (near Victoria Harbour) and InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong.

Some of the fabulous destinations that Hong Kong has to offer include Victoria Peak, Ocean Park Hong Kong, Lamma Island, Hong Kong Museum of History, Man Mo Temple, Po Lin Monastery and Happy Valley Racecourse.

Australia – Explore Sparkling Cities & Outback Areas

Australia is another alluring holiday destination which must be explored. You can explore a wide range of coastal towns and cities, stunning islands, plenty of crystal clear lakes, misty waterfalls, fantastic white sand beaches, stunning national parks, and outback areas. Apart from that, you can also explore, vibrant multicultural cities and a number of museums and art galleries.

You can easily save money while exploring Australia by hiring a self-drive vehicle from companies like Aussie Campervans, DriveNow, Jucy and many more. There is no denying the fact that, travelling through a campervan is the best way to explore the hidden beauty of Australia. Since it’s an enormous country, rather than taking a flight to travel from one city to another, you can discover the country via campervan.

In this case, you don’t even have to book expensive hotels for your stay, as you can park your vehicle in safe places and establish a tent to shelter yourself. You can stay in campsites and cook your own food in the camp kitchen for saving money. In this way, you can stay healthy by enjoying the food of your choice.

New York – One of The Most Multicultural Cities In The World

New York is one of those places where everyone wants to travel. It’s one of the most multicultural, exciting cities in the world and is home to tremendous tourist attractions. If you are planning a trip to the Big Apple, you should never forget to book your flight tickets and hotels in advance to reducing costs. Similarly, when it comes to travelling within the city, you can opt for walking tours, subway, buses, and taxi. You will find a number of attractive walking tours available in New York that consider things like history, architecture, food, and TV shows, etc. Subway is also an excellent way to travel within the city in an effective manner. Similarly, when it comes to picking your attractions make sure that you opt for the places that offer either free entry or wherein you have to pay the minimum entry fee.

France- One of The Most Beautiful Countries In The World

If you dream about exploring the Palace of Versailles, Musee du Louvre, Nimes Arena, the Eiffel Tower and Carcassonne you can surely do that with a bit of planning. As in the case of destinations mentioned above, in France also you should opt to book budget friendly hotels that give all the outstanding amenities for your stay. Apart from that when it comes to travelling by trains, you can save some cash by booking second class seats.

Apply the same the formula when planning getaways to other countries like Spain, Italy, the UK, Netherlands, Austria, Scotland, Greece and Croatia.

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