Take Advantage of Keswick’s Festivals This Spring

When spring arrives, everything becomes much cheerier and we begin to look forward to the summer months and hopefully some sun. Spring means a fresh beginning and landscapes coming to life again, and we all feel a little bit fresher after the dullness of winter. Feeling more energetic and looking forward to everything that spring has to offer, there is so much to do across the UK to embrace the change in season.

Now that the harsh weather is starting to disappear and the temperature is beginning to climb slowly, it creates the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your family and friends. With so many options for days out up and down the country, why not consider the Lake District? Endless sightseeing and beautiful scenery, this area of the UK is stunning for a day out or long weekend. What’s more, there are even some special spring festivals to take advantage of!

If you’re planning on spending some time in the Lake District this spring, here is a guide to just a few of the activities you can get involved in!

Keswick Mountain Festival

In the northern part of the Lake District, market town Keswick is home to many sights and things to do. Whether you’re the active kind or you’re after a relaxing getaway, get involved in Keswick Mountain Festival, taking place this year between 8-11th June. Considered to be one of the largest mountain festivals celebrated in the country, it is attended by more than 17,000 people every year.

Appreciating the great outdoors and taking in the sights, the festival is for all ages and abilities. With a number of different activities and events taking place, it’s a perfect day out for families and sports enthusiasts alike. From speakers to camping and even live music, the Keswick Mountain Festival is an adventure in itself. Helping you to create memories with your family and friends, treat yourself to something a little different.

Keswick Jazz Festival

If you’re looking for a bit more culture in your next trip, the Keswick Jazz Festival might be the perfect event to get stuck into. Taking place in May, it’s a 4-day annual festival that celebrates all things jazz. Attracting hundreds of visitors, it’s definitely an experience if you’re visiting the Lake District!

Taking place across the town of Keswick at various venues, you can enjoy performances from a range of artists. You can even get involved yourself and take lessons, so if you’re a music lover then this is the event for you! Being the renowned jazz festival of UK, it attracts international artists, top UK talent and a regular audience of jazz fans.

Of course, if you are planning on coming to the Lake District purely to enjoy a few days away, there are so many other things that are happening throughout the year. Watersports are big in the Lake District, giving you the chance to get on the water and do something a little different. Likewise, there are countless walks to help you take in the scenery.

If you’re planning on coming to the Lake District to enjoy any events this spring, make sure you take a look at Keswick hotels and take advantage of a relaxing escape with your family and friends.

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