7 Affordable Tropical Island Vacation Spots and Places to Stay

Many people dream of traveling to a tropical island for the adventure of a lifetime. However, the price of such an experience can be staggering, causing many to abandon the mysteries and magic that awaits in such places. This does not have to be the end of your tropical dreams, though! In order to overcome this hurdle, here is a list of seven affordable tropical islands to visit that won’t break your bank, yet still provide all the allure and mystique of their kind.

Bali, Indonesia

Called ‘The Island of the Gods’ Bali offers a breathtaking blend of variety. From the amazing surfing swells to the open Eastern spirituality prominent on the island and beyond, it offers you a thrill for each and every day of the year. Some of the more unique aspects of the island include the rich culture and the welcoming locals, with their sly sense of humor. The local performances rank high on the list of memorable and exotic sights.

Stay: Tamansari Villas Bali is an affordable and comfortable place for all, no matter what your relationship status.

Fiji, South Pacific Ocean

A destination for many surfers, Fiji is a place both romantic and adventurous. A wide assortment of islands provides both peace and adventure seekers with everything your heart could desire. Long white beaches and excellent diving spots are common among all the islands, with unique surprises and events on individual islands. Breathtaking coral reefs offer natural beauties ages old to wondering eyes. Remote villages populate the interior, perfect for day trips.

Stay: Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa offers modern convenience and amenities among the romance for a reasonably inexpensive price.

Koh Yao Noi, Thailand

Among the quiet islands in Thailand, this island is a gem among gems. Only lightly touched by the visits of tourists, the native culture is alive and thriving. Among the many things to do in Koh Yao Noi, the hiking in the untouched landscapes has very few rivals. Dirtbikes are readily available for your personal adventures on the worn trails through the forests and seashores. Peace and serenity rest on the island, facilitated by the locals. Boat trips to Phang Nga Bay are common and exciting.

Stay: Coastal Escape is a choice for travelers on a budget with private pool villas facing the Phang Nga bay.

Koh Rong, Cambodia

For travelers who don’t mind going back to basics, Koh Rong is just right for you. With very basic accommodations and only dirt roads and trails, the island is virtually untouched, yet you are not quite a castaway. Long white beaches abound, always providing an empty one for your personal pleasure. Luminescent plankton light up the sea at night, mirroring the starry sky above, barely touched by pollution. The chief charm of the village is its peaceful isolation, and many accommodations onshore reflect this.

Stay: Nature Beach offers a slice of community at your pleasure, with hotel activities and complimentary boat rides, perfect for the returning adventurer home from the sea.

Bacuit Archipelago, Philippines

Groups of islands generally provide a wider range of experiences and adventures, and the Bacuit Archipelago is no exception. Many people stay in the more populated islands El Nido and Coron, but the real gems are where no one lives. Beaches that lie beyond water-filled caves, craggy, pitted cliffs, and lagoons filled with vibrant life all make their home among the deserted islands of the archipelago. Many are only a short boat ride away, and there are many boats willing to take you. Tours to many top places are offered, or you can go off into the wild on a solo adventure.

Stay:  El Nido Resorts on Pangulasian Island are a little on the pricier side, but they offer many special tours and amenities to soften your day in the wilds of the tropics.

Maui, Hawaii

Though Hawaii at first glance does not seem to be an inexpensive place to travel to, think again. Lesser-known spots abound on this popular island, providing free, personal adventures that won’t be found in any of the guidebooks. Biking down one of the island’s volcanoes will be a long-remembered experience. With the diverse and flourishing community in Maui, there is always something for you, no matter what your tastes are.

Stay: Inexpensive AirBnBs abound on the island, offering a unique experience to live like a local in Maui, wherever you want to, without your choices being curtailed by hotel availability.

Curacao, Southern Caribbean Sea

Curacao has all the charm of Old Europe and the tropics rolled into one. Owned by the Netherlands, it offers bright Dutch buildings in an exotic setting of sea and sky. Beyond the beaches and the houses the land turns to desert scenes, spiky aloes and other plants springing from rocks and sandy soil. As with almost all tropical islands, Curacao’s beaches are a major draw, with ocean actives a close second.

Stay: The Ritz Village Hotel offers a central location at a low price, perfect for facilitating your adventures.

In Conclusion

With options for everyone, a vacation to the tropics is hardly the stuff of mere dreams. With prudent bargain-hunting and reasonable expectations, romantic adventures are just a flight away! Why not deny yourself a little and make the trip of your dreams reality?

The islands are waiting for you!

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