Home Away From Home: The Business Traveller’s Guide To London

Travelling for business is an inevitable part of most women’s work lives. Exciting in theory – new cities, new cultures, new people – the reality can often fall short. Long journeys and brief stopovers can mean you barely get a chance to see anything other than the back of a train seat and the inside of a soulless hotel. With discerning tastes and a love of home comforts, we have to wonder why we don’t demand the same standards when we’re away from home on business.

In London for a meeting or conference, you’ll likely be having long and stressful days, cramming in as much work as possible while you’re here. In order to make sure you feel at home in the city, however brief your stopover, we’ve put together our ultimate business traveller’s guide to London. Happy exploring!

Where to stay

At home your apartment is your sanctuary. You’ve spent time decorating it in a way that makes it a haven you enjoy returning to at the end of the day. Whilst away on business your day is likely to have had stresses above and beyond that of a normal working day, so why would you want to return to anything less than a luxurious apartment?

Located in Covent Garden, right in the heart of London’s vibrant West End, House of Kipp apartments have everything you need to make you feel at home in this strange city. Each of the four apartments on offer are as individual and unique as their guests. Fitted with an array of beautiful bespoke furniture handmade in Italy, the attention to detail and finish of each apartment is exquisite.

If you’re in town alone you’ll feel instantly comforted by characters on the widescreen TVs, and will be able to connect with friends and colleagues back home thanks to the wifi. If on the other hand you’ve brought the whole office with you, the three bed apartment can sleep up to eight guests and includes an incredible roof terrace with views over London …it’s the perfect location to pop open the champagne and celebrate the new clients you just landed.

What to do

Back home what do you do after a long day at the office? Unwind with a glass of wine at your favourite bar? Run from the day’s frustrations at the gym? Go to the theatre in hope of immersing yourself in a world where all problems can easily be solved through song? For a truly home away from home experience in London, you’ll want to enrich your evenings in the same way you would at home. You should be here for business and pleasure, remember!

To help you make the most of your time in the British capital, House of Kipp have partnered with London’s premier concierge service, Bon Vivant. Acting as gatekeepers to the city, they’ll lead the way to some of London’s most infamous and unmissable attractions.

Available in the comfort of your own House of Kipp apartment, take advantage of a private yoga lesson to relax after what was no doubt a busy day of business talk. Trained instructor Tabitha Dean will provide a personally tailored 90 minute session with all the equipment provided, making sure it’s stress free from the start!

Your day was likely a serious one – you wouldn’t have travelled all this way for a conference or meeting if it wasn’t extremely important. Lighten the mood in the evening by heading just down the road from your apartment to Covent Garden Comedy Club. Celebrating its thirteenth birthday this year, the famous venue regularly hosts a selection of international radio and TV comedians.

London is famed for its West End theatres, but there are some equally fantastic venues off-West End too. Not only does Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre host award winning shows, it also has the novelty of an intimate outdoor setting!

For those who are in the city on business but are more used to the quiet of the countryside, find a little fresh air at Kew Gardens. The world’s most famous botanic garden, it’s just a short distance from central London and boasts an array of landscapes, glasshouses, historic buildings and rare plants.

Where to eat

A particular must for those in town from abroad is a traditionally British afternoon tea in the Thames Foyer of the Savoy Hotel! Sip champagne and dine on finger sandwiches and scones in the capital’s most luxurious, glamorous hotel.

With a venue just off Covent Garden, you can feast at Hawksmoor safe in the knowledge that you can easily stumble back to your House of Kipp apartment after an evening of steak and cocktail indulgence.

Synonymous with food as far back as the 11th century, Borough Market has long been attracting traders selling grains, fish, vegetables and livestock. If you fancy cooking up a storm in your fully-equipped House of Kipp kitchen, stock up on the essentials at this foodie heaven.

Not strictly somewhere to eat, impress your new clients with your London knowledge by taking them to London Cocktail Club after your meeting. Boozy cocktails and loud music will make sure any tension built up during the working day is quickly released!

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