Ca’puccino: The Perfect Equation For Fabulous Drinks (Coffee And Beyond!)

Ca’puccino: The perfect equation for fabulous drinks (coffee and beyond!)

Ca'puccino on Kings Road

At YCB coffee runs through our veins. Our eyes are constantly on the look out for creative latte art, our ears prick up at the sweet sound of sugar cubes falling in to thick cream, and our noses are always sniffing out the most freshly ground beans. Recently strolling down the King’s Road, all our senses were instantly awakened by Ca’puccino, an elegant café in the heart of Chelsea. With a name like that it’s got to be a coffee aficionado’s heaven, right?

Ca’puccino’s mission is to offer an authentic Italian culinary experience to the most discerning of customers. With 10 locations in Italy and five in the UK, Ca’puccino’s coffee is its trademark. A signature house blend, it combines 100% Arabica from Brazil, Colombia and India to create coffee perfect in body, taste and aroma. This is when swigging your morning coffee becomes not only the regular necessity you need to make it through the day, but a well earned luxurious moment of sumptuous indulgence.

However, we’ll warn you now that popping in to get your morning caffeine hit is unlikely to be the last time you’ll step in to this aromatic Italian sanctuary that day. You’ll be back after work, thanks to the Aperitivo menu.

The epitome of the Italian lifestyle, Aperitivo is apparently a traditional break in the late afternoon which usually consists of a cocktail or glass of wine, along with a selection of edible goodies. That sounds pretty incredible to us…and it also sounds like it falls just as we’re leaving work. How very convenient.

Ca'puccino on Kings RoadThe team at YCB was invited to sample the menu earlier this week and as we arrived at the luxury house and kitchen, we were greeted by the lovely Nicoletta who offered us a glass of refreshing champagne and a selection of dainty savouries and a colourful array of freshly prepared pastries. As we took a seat, dressed in our festive and most sparkling dresses from Pepperberry, the menu told us to select three savoury and four sweet items, as well as our preferred flavour of tea, for the most authentic Italian experience. Being actively told to pick such a huge selection of treats is a very good start in our books. On closer inspection of the menu we fall further in love as we realise this is a place where ‘walnut layer cake with light Gorgonzola cheese mousse’ and ‘peanut cream and a soft peanut biscuit’ count as savoury; we can’t stop ourselves drooling over thoughts of what the sweet items will be.

Moving on to decide on our drinks, we realise that the humble builder’s tea is a thing of the past. Teas now have to be brewed in some form of handpicked floral, leafy concoction in order to make the cut in the modern world. At Ca’puccino teas almost border on cocktails as flavoured iced tea infusions are poured over ice. In fact, there are also actual tea cocktails, made with exquisite loose leaf tea and mixed with premium spirits. Alternatively, make a real event of your evening by choosing a sparkling tea (that’s tea and a glass of Franciacorto Cuvée Prestige for the uninitiated).

Satiating post-work munchies with colleagues, squeezing in one last client meeting for the day, and finally getting round to fulfilling your New Year’s resolution to immerse yourself in different cultures are all excellent reasons to spend a lazy late afternoon at Ca’puccino. Like you ever needed an excuse to eat cake and drink champagne…

Anouszka Tate

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