French Afternoon Tea At Le Restaurant de PAUL

French Afternoon Tea at Le Restaurant de PAUL

French Afternoon Tea at Le Restaurant de PAUL - Covent Garden

Paris: the city of love, of berets, of perfumes, of wines, but most importantly the city of tiny little perfectly formed delicious delicacies sitting tantalisingly in the windows of picture perfect Parisian patisseries. How we envy the French, always surrounded by such delectable delights, able to savour a mouthful of macaroon and fill their cheeks with cheese at any given moment.

In the days before Paris Fashion Week, the YCB team became slightly impatient waiting for our French adventure to begin. We were more than ready to channel our inner Parisian woman. The woman known for her je ne sais quoi, her ability to always appear effortlessly chic, to have an enchanting signature scent and to indulge in life’s little pleasures without over consuming. So, suitably equipped with a string of pearls and a spritz of perfume, we made our way (as gracefully as possible) to Le Restaurant de PAUL in Covent Garden for a delightfully French afternoon tea.

Since 1889 five generations of bakers, all passionately committed to the best traditional baking methods, have made the PAUL name known throughout France and around the world. With the recent introduction of an authentic French afternoon tea at their Covent Garden restaurant, we no longer have to be in Paris to get a taste of the coveted Parisian lifestyle.

Available between 2.30pm and 5.30pm every day, this is an afternoon tea to rival the British classic, full of savoury sandwiches, sweet cakes, and a rainbow of macaroons. Elegantly hold one in a French manicured hand to guarantee instant Insta-likes. Served on a traditional layered cake stand, this is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

French Afternoon Tea

As well as those social media friendly macaroons, the top layer is made up of the iconic PAUL Frasisier and the recently introduced Gâteaux aux Carottes. In place of the traditional British scones the high tea savvy amongst you may have become accustomed to, this tea offers two freshly baked briochettes served with a small pot of PAUL jam and fresh whipped cream. The bottom layer is fit to burst with mini sandwiches filled with bespoke ingredients including Pavot Poulet, Saumon and Camembert. Accompanied by coffee, afternoon tea at PAUL’s feels hugely indulgent, but it’s dainty indulgence: refined luxury in befittingly elegant surroundings.

Consider yourself more of a stiff drink than a French fancies kind of woman? Swap the coffee for a glass of champagne and turn your average post-work girly get together in to a real event. You can even take the Parisian party home with you, as every mouth-watering morsel is available to buy in the bakery with the purpose of allowing guests to re-create the teatime treats at home.

Pre-PFW we found ourselves stepping in to the classically furnished soft grey and plush teal interior of PAUL’s Covent Garden restaurant predominantly in order to satiate our impatient hunger for a slice of Parisian life. However, now that we know of PAUL’s edible wonders, we suspect we’ll be frequenting the restaurant often…regardless of impending trips to the French capital.

Le Restaurant de PAUL, 29 Bedford Street, Covent Garden, London WC2 9ED; 020 7836 3304

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